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Student Positions

University of Arizona students may apply for student employment at the University Libraries and are paid an hourly wage.

Job Openings

  • New open positions will be posted on Wildcat Joblink. Check often for new positions. 
  • Other positions, such as book reshelvers, are often available, but not posted.  Turnover is frequent and there are peak times of activity, so we encourage you to apply at any time during the year.   
  • The Libraries' Human Resources staff do not coordinate student recruitment and hiring, so we do not know what General Student Positions are posted.
  • Applications are culled in a central place in the library and departments know to look there if interested.


  • Currently enrolled at UA for at least six credit hours.  Must remain in an enrolled status to continue employment as a student worker, except during winter & summer sessions (with demonstrated enrollment for the subsequent semester).  
  • Students enrolled in 6 credit hours or more are limited to work 25 hours per week total hours for all positions held during the academic year.  Graduate students are limited to work 26.4 hours per week total hours for all positions held, including supplemental compensation.  
  • Students must not exceed 35 hours per week during the winter and summer sessions.
  • Students are disqualified from applying for Temporary Agency positions at the University Libraries

How to Apply 

  1. If you are responding to a posting at Wildcat Joblink apply as directed.  Some postings request you apply online at the website; some postings request you email your application materials.
  2. If no posting is known or for general student employment, print out the UA Libraries & Press Student Employment Application (a 3-page application  form).
  3. Fill out all of the requested information.  Include the sheet specifying when you are available. Make a copy for yourself so you can submit it again, if desired.
  4. A resume and letter of interest are advised if
    • You want to highlight specific experience or skills (such as graphics, website or software skills), or have a special interest or prefer a certain type of position (such as clerical, IT).
    • You want to speed up the process of getting someone interested in you as a qualified applicant.
  5. Staple the pages together.
  6. Submit your application packet any day of the week/any time, to the any of the library service desks (Main, Special Collections, Science-Engineering or Fine Arts). Note: If you want a job at either the Law or Health Sciences Libraries, you’ll need to apply to them separately.
  7. Our follow-up process: We can only promise we will contact you if we are interested in interviewing you. We do not know where your application is in any given recruitment process.

Last modified: May 3, 2016