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Graduate Assistantships

A graduate assistantship is contracted part-time employment in teaching, research, outreach or other (such as administrative, technical, graphics, marketing) positions, typically in a student's career field, with a special set of benefits. The graduate assistant (GA) is hired by the department to work a set schedule in a supervised environment with assigned responsibilities.  More details are outlined at the Graduate College, GA Appointment webpages. 

Job Openings

  • The Libraries offer a very limited number of Graduate Assistantships each year, with a typical work schedule of 20 hours a week. 
  • Your best bet is to check near the end the spring semester or or shortly before fall semester for openings. Openings do not often occur within an academic year, but may occur shortly before the spring semester.   


  • Student must be admitted to a graduate degree-seeking program (master or doctor) at the University of Arizona. Graduate Certificate programs do not satisfy this requirement.
  • Must be enrolled in and complete a minimum of six units of graded graduate courses during each major academic terms (fall and spring).  A GA is not required to register during summer sessions to maintain employment.
  • Must maintain a cumulative (or have an admitting) Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher for all UA graduate credit courses.
  • GA-to-be's are expected to consult with their supervisors prior to accepting other concurrent campus or outside employment.  This practice is so that the unit is reasonably assured that the student will be able to effectively carry out his/her assignments.

How to Apply

  1. Graduate Assistant openings are posted on the UA Career Services website under Wildcat Joblink.  
  2. Follow instructions on how to apply as detailed within the posting.
  3. The Libraries’ personnel employees may be contacted re: the status of your application for a Graduate Assistantship. 

Last modified: May 3, 2016