About Us

ADM - Administration

Name Phone E-mail Office
Bosch, Stephen 520-621-6452 boschs@email.arizona.edu MAIN A349
Hendrickson, Glenda 520-621-6429 ghendric@email.arizona.edu MAIN A401C
Johansen, Martina 520-621-8035 johansem@email.arizona.edu MAIN A401C
Jones, Douglas (Doug) 520-621-6386 dejones@email.arizona.edu MAIN C326
Lawrence-Barnes, Ellen 520-626-5971 elawren1@email.arizona.edu MAIN A401C
Petropoulos, Sofia 520-621-6431 petropou@email.arizona.edu MAIN A349
Pintozzi, Chestalene 520-621-6392 pintozzi@email.arizona.edu MAIN B325
Prescott-Smith, Jane 520-621-2301 smithjp@email.arizona.edu MAIN A349C
Rodriguez, Debra 520-621-3485 debraz@email.arizona.edu MAIN A349
Rogers, Kylie 520-621-1172 kyliejrogers@email.arizona.edu MAIN A401A
Strazza, Lori 520-307-5680 strazzal@email.arizona.edu MAIN A204
Verebelyi, Margaret 520-621-5079 verebelyim@email.arizona.edu MAIN A349
Williams, Karen 520-621-5079 karenwilliams@email.arizona.edu MAIN A349

AHSL - Arizona Health Sciences Library

Name Phone E-mail Office
Basij, Javad 520-626-4398 jbasij@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 2151
Bates, Mikel 520-626-8087 batesm@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 1141
Bickford, David 602-827-2407 dbickford@email.arizona.edu HSEB A344
Billman, Brooke 520-626-1544 brooke.billman@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 1149C
Brown, Philip 520-626-6125 philipbrown@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 2151
Carlson, Kathleen 602-827-2340 kncarlso@email.arizona.edu HSEB Floor 3
Colburn, Linda 520-626-6121 lcolburn@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 1141
El-Khayat, Yamila 520-626-6770 yme@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 1149D
Escalante, Amanda 520-626-2296 escalant@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 1149
Freiburger, Gary 520-626-6121 garyf@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 1141B
Holcomb, Mary 520-626-2924 mholcomb@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 1149A
Howe, Carol 520-626-2739 chowe@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 2150W
Kramer, Sandy 520-626-6438 skramer@ahsl.arizona.edu Nursing 321
Martin, Jennifer 520-626-3381 jennifer@ahsl.arizona.edu Drachman B211M
Nga, Nguyen 520-626-6142 nga@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 2151
Nunez, Annabelle 520-626-7508 anunez@ahsl.arizona.edu Drachman A208
O'Talley, Tessie 520-626-6707 otalley@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 2151
Piper, Dave 520-626-2529 dpiper@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 1149B
Riordan, Mary 520-626-3510 mriordan@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 2150X
Ryan, Jeanette 520-626-6143 jlr@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 1141C
Saleh, Ahlam 520-626-5450 asaleh@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 2143
Schlimgen, Joan 520-626-6140 joan@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 1149G
Steber, Cindy 520-626-2920 cindy@ahsl.arizona.edu AHSL 1141
Stoddard, Mari 520-626-2925 stoddard@ahsl.arizona.edu Drachman A206B

AIS - Access and Information Services

Name Phone E-mail Office
Akman, Fethi 520-307-2790 afa@email.arizona.edu MAIN B201
Ammon, Mona 520-307-3551 mammon@email.arizona.edu MAIN B201
Ballesteros, Patricia 520-307-2793 pballest@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Boubeka, Jacques 520-307-1794 boubekaj@email.arizona.edu MAIN B201
Buchanan, Scott 520-307-2634 scottbuchanan@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Buffington, David 520-307-0474 djbuffin@email.arizona.edu MUS 233C
Calderwood, Jessica 520-204-2575 jcalderwood@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Castro, Rachel 520-468-1191 castro2@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Dejolie, charley 520-349-6448 charley@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Flanary, Jerry 520-307-2888 flanary@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Franco, Timothy 520-370-5317 franco@email.arizona.edu MAIN B201
Guo, Pipei 520-268-0247 guo1@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Huff-Eibl, Robyn 520-626-1409 rhuffeib@email.arizona.edu MAIN B201A
Johnston, Jere 520-310-5081 jerej@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Joy, Sandra 520-305-6424 szjoy@email.arizona.edu SEL 209A
Larson, Carrie 520-307-3378 cllarson@email.arizona.edu MUS 233C1
Lowers, Kathryn (Kathy) 520-307-4705 lowersk@email.arizona.edu MAIN B201
Marmion, Cleo 520-307-2801 cmarmion@email.arizona.edu MUS 233C
Martinez, Anne 520-235-9521 annem1@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Miller-Wells, John 520-307-2791 millerwe@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Monroe-Menjugas, Michelle 520-449-7999 monroeme@email.arizona.edu MUS 233C
Moore, Alia 520-471-3646 akm137@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Muir, Carrie 520-370-9579 muirc@email.arizona.edu MAIN B201
Powell, Kristin 520-576-3933 kdpowell@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Provost, Lucy 520-307-9799 lucyprovost@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Quihuis, Helen 520-345-9347 hquihuis@email.arizona.edu MAIN B201
See, Andrew 520-977-7480 andrew@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Smith, Debbie 520-235-4218 dlsmith@email.arizona.edu SEL 209
Smith, Carl 520-307-3139 carlsmith@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Swedenburg, Rae 520-626-2874 jrsweden@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Teetor, Travis 520-621-6407 tteetor@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Thompson, Shawna 520-268-0246 slt1997@email.arizona.edu MAIN A122
Vestecka, Kathleen 520-307-2792 vestecka@email.arizona.edu SEL 209A
Wommack, Charles 520-307-5527 wommackc@email.arizona.edu MAIN B201
Wood, Nattawan 520-484-8974 nattawan@email.arizona.edu MAIN B201

DDA - Delivery, Description, and Acquisitions

Name Phone E-mail Office
Allen, Barbara 520-621-8753 allenb@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Brite, Amanda 520-308-7809 abrite@email.arizona.edu MAIN a501
Carmody, Lynne 520-621-8753 lcarmody@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Dagher, Saad 520-307-2832 sadagher@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Davalos, Laura 520-626-2928 lod@email.arizona.edu MAIN a501
Dols, Linda 520-621-8753 ldols@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Eagleson, Laurie 520-307-2787 eagleson@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Funk Burrows, Elizabeth (Libby) 520-621-6411 burrowse@email.arizona.edu MAIN B104
Galvez, Edna 520-621-6445 egalvez@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Hazen, Teresa 520-419-5856 hazent@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Jones, Ryan 520-621-6411 ryanvj@email.arizona.edu MAIN B104
Jones, Mindy 520-235-6436 msjones@email.arizona.edu MAIN a501
Knight, Ellen 520-621-8753 knighte@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Neal, Cheryl 520-621-6439 cneal@email.arizona.edu MAIN B104
Quintana, Deborah 520-307-2784 quintanad@email.arizona.edu MAIN B104
Streight, Anna 520-621-6439 streight@email.arizona.edu MAIN B104
Tapia, Helen (Claire) 520-621-8753 ctapia@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Telles, Rose 520-307-1818 tellesr@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Von Berg, Dana 520-621-8753 vonbergd@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Voyles, Jeanne 520-305-0700 jfvoyles@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501

LIF - Library Infrastructure and Finance

Name Phone E-mail Office
Barcelo, Lidia 520-621-0705 barcelol@email.arizona.edu MAIN A302
Batiste, Edith 520-307-2239 batistee@email.arizona.edu MAIN A302
Caskenette, Chris 520-307-7160 caskenettec@email.arizona.edu MAIN B107
Fromm, James 520-548-9447 frommj@email.arizona.edu MAIN A349
Gaona, Alma 520-621-9583 adg@email.arizona.edu MAIN B205
Madrid, Nina 520-307-2798 madridn@email.arizona.edu MAIN A302
Mayer, Michael 520-307-0403 mcmayer@email.arizona.edu MAIN B201
Piorkowski, Robert 520-621-4604 piorkows@email.arizona.edu MAIN B107
Romero, Monica 520-307-2812 mromero@email.arizona.edu MAIN A302
Simons, Mary 520-621-0717 simonsm@email.arizona.edu MAIN A302
Thompson, Christina (Tina) 520-621-2597 christinat@email.arizona.edu MAIN A302
Valenzuela, Virginia 520-307-2799 vavalenz@email.arizona.edu MAIN A302B
Yildirim, Hayri 520-307-2820 hty@email.arizona.edu MAIN B111

ODIS - Office of Digital Innovation and Stewardship

Name Phone E-mail Office
Castano, Erika 520-307-4227 castanoe@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Chapman, Kimberly 520-349-7864 kimberlychapman@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Frumkin, Jeremy 520-626-7296 frumkinj@email.arizona.edu MAIN A517
Han, Yan 520-307-2823 yhan@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Kollen, Christine 520-305-0495 kollen@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Lee, Dan 520-621-6433 leed@email.arizona.edu MAIN A205
Oxnam, Maliaca 520-621-0557 maliaca@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Stramler, Kerrie 520-621-4874 kstramlr@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Strazza, Lori 520-307-5680 strazzal@email.arizona.edu MAIN A204

R&L - Research and Learning

Name Phone E-mail Office
Brewer, Michael 520-307-2771 brewerm@email.arizona.edu MAIN A204B
Cuillier, Cheryl 520-310-9874 ccuillie@email.arizona.edu MAIN A207
Dewland, Jason 520-477-8097 jasondewland@email.arizona.edu MAIN A207
Elliott, Cynthia (Cindy) 520-342-6601 celliott@email.arizona.edu MAIN A206
Feeney, Mary 520-307-2615 mfeeney@email.arizona.edu MAIN A213
Kline, Elizabeth 520-621-4869 klinee@email.arizona.edu MAIN A209
Martin, Jim 520-307-6595 djmartin@email.arizona.edu MAIN A213
Newby, Jill 520-307-2788 jnewby@email.arizona.edu MAIN A212
Nichols, Jennifer 520-307-3499 jtn@email.arizona.edu MAIN A212
Pagowsky, Nicole 520-349-8256 nfp@email.arizona.edu MAIN A208
Pfander, Jeanne 520-621-6375 jpfander@email.arizona.edu MAIN A208
Rawan, Atifa 520-621-4867 arawan@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Situ, Ping 520-307-2773 psitu@email.arizona.edu MAIN A212
Strazza, Lori 520-307-5680 strazzal@email.arizona.edu MAIN A204
Sult, Leslie 520-626-3850 lsult@email.arizona.edu MAIN A206
Wallace, Niamh 520-621-4869 niamhw@email.arizona.edu MAIN A209

SPC - Special Collections

Name Phone E-mail Office
Baldock, Maurita 520-626-8362 mbaldock@email.arizona.edu SPC C211
Cox, Wendel 520-621-6423 jwendelcox@email.arizona.edu SPC C211
Diaz, Joseph (Bob) 520-621-7010 jrdiaz@email.arizona.edu SPC C211
Duncan, Lisa 520-307-4762 led1@email.arizona.edu SPC C211
Munoz, Rosie 520-626-8332 rosamunoz@email.arizona.edu SPC C211
Myers, Roger 520-621-4345 jrmyers@email.arizona.edu SPC C211
Purdy, Trent 520-262-2450 trentp@email.arizona.edu SPC C211
Reyes-Escudero, Veronica 520-307-2774 reyesv@email.arizona.edu SPC C211D
Weller, Debbie 520-626-5599 dweller@email.arizona.edu SPC C211

UAP - University of Arizona Press

Name Phone E-mail Office
Balestracci, Julia 520-621-3911 jbalestracci@uapress.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Brandt, Rosemary 520-621-3920 rbrandt@uapress.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Buckles, Kristen 520-621-7921 kbuckles@uapress.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Carter, Allyson 520-621-3186 acarter@uapress.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Conrad, Kathryn M. 520-621-1441 kconrad@uapress.arizona.edu MAIN A510
De Herrera, Scott 520-621-1441 sdeherrera@uapress.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Fasciani, Susan 520-626-3041 sfasciani@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
McDonald, Leigh 520-621-5824 lmcdonald@uapress.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Mendoza, Sylvia 520-626-3297 smendoza@uapress.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Mogollón, Abby 520-621-8656 amogollon@uapress.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Piell, Amanda 520-621-5915 apiell@uapress.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Scott MacNeil, Lela 520-621-4913 lscottmacneil@uapress.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Trotta, Sarah 520-621-0064 strotta@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Warren, Miriam 520-621-7916 mwarren@uapress.arizona.edu MAIN A501

UX - User Experience

Name Phone E-mail Office
Anderson, Aengus 520-621-3247 aengus@email.arizona.edu MAIN C327
Bidwell, Ginger 520-561-1072 liquid06@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Blakiston, Rebecca 520-307-2834 blakisto@email.arizona.edu MAIN A507
Duryee, Kent 520-268-4824 duryee@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Eibl, Andrew 520-307-1671 aeibl@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Frumkin, Jeremy 520-626-7296 frumkinj@email.arizona.edu MAIN A517
Grunloh, Robert 520-621-9646 rgrunloh@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Hagedon, Gregory (Mike) 520-235-0426 mhagedon@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Hemphill, Lee 520-419-7402 hemphill@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Luethje, Gabriel 520-307-5195 gluethje@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Mayden, Shoshana 520-336-7958 smayden@email.arizona.edu MAIN A510
Mayhew, David 520-307-2808 mayhewd@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Mery, Yvonne 520-429-9038 ymery@email.arizona.edu MAIN A206
Oren, Steve 520-626-5702 orens@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Robertson, Petra 520-307-8864 petrar@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Simpson, Will 520-345-6359 wsimpson@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Sykes-Casavant, Gabrielle 520-307-0877 gms@email.arizona.edu MAIN C327
Taylor, Marty 520-626-5371 mataylor@email.arizona.edu MAIN C327
Turman, Jeff 520-344-0517 turmanator@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Velasquez, Louis 520-419-1477 louisv@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501
Yabeny-Bahe, Jacqueline (Jackie) 520-307-2810 yabenyj@email.arizona.edu MAIN A501