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Frederickson, M.P.;  "In Pursuit of Desert Architecture"
Ph.D. candidate, UCLA
Masters 1976f YARP 1002

Aymerich, M.; "House and Energy, An Architectural Approach"
Architect in Madrid, Spain
Masters 1977a

Love, Lester; "Laboratory School Facility"
Architect in Denver, Colorado
Masters 1978h

Hopper, Albert; "Architectural Drawings: Surrogates for Proposed Environments"
Architect in Tucson, Arizona
Masters 1978h YARP 1004

Brittain, Richard G; "Dwelling Passively with the Desert"
Research Associate, University of Arizona
Masters 1979b YARP 1005

Rios-Ghinis, Raphael; "Colonia Obrera Squatter Settlement Case Study"
Architect in Tucson, Arizona
Masters 1979r

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Al-Mokharrij, M.A.; "Passive Solar Hose: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia"
Chief of Planning for Najran Saudi Arabia
Masters 1981a

Stanley, E.M.; "Earth Integrated Architecture: A Means for Housing in the Desert Southwest"
Architect in Tucson, Arizona
Masters 1981s

Darouian, Abbas; "The Needs of Families in Housing"
Architect in San Francisco, California
Masters 1982d

Kozan, Thomas E.; "The Low Income Housing Crisis in America and the Value of an Approach in Owner-Builder Housing"
Architect for U.S. Navy in California
Masters 1982k

Papadimitriou, Basil; "Design of a Prototype Community in Greece"
Architect in Athens, Greece
Masters 1982p

Wheeler, Ronald E.; "The Urban Eco-Opertative System: An Urban Ecological and Cooperative Economic System for Local Self-Reliance"
Architect in Chicago, Illinois
Masters 1982wh

Rald, Carl; "Video Technology in Architectural Education: A New Training Aid or a Catalyst for a New Perspective in Communication"
Adjunct Lecturer at University of Arizona
Master's 1983ra

Merker, Albert S.; "Solar Adaptations for Prescott Valley"
Retired Architect
Masters 1983m  YARP 1018

Rose, Larry W.; "A Feasibility Study of a Low-Cost Computer Aided Drafting System for Use in Architecture Practice"
Base Architect in U.S. Air Force, Germany
Masters 1983

Yoon, Ki-Byung; "Earth-Integrated Housing"
Ph.D. candidate, University of Sydney, Australia
Masters 1983y  YARP 1015

Jamaludden, Salagor; "Arab Suqs: Changes and Continuity of the Organization, Function and Characteristics with a Case Study of Development in the Suq Area at Al-Hofuf, Saudi Arabia"
Faculty member, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
Masters 1984s YARP 1012

Mitra, Chinmoy; "Site Planning for Natural Ventilative Cooling in Urban Areas Within a Warm-Humid Climatic Zone"
Architect in Baltimore, Maryland
Masters 1984m  YARP 1013

Rostenberg, William; "Freestanding Ambulatory Care Facilities"
Architect in San Francisco, California
Masters 1984r 4

Abdullah, Talal; "Analysis and Projections for a New Community: Dar-al-Islam, Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA"
City Planner, Al Anin, United Arab Emerites
Masters 1985a

Al-Naimi, Ibrahim; "Community Center in AlkHobar, Saudi Arabia"
Ph.D. candidate, University of Newcastle, England
Masters 1985 al

Bertelsen, Wendel; "Architectural Education: A One-Year Longitudinal Study in Architectural Design Drawing"
Faculty member, Arizona State University
Masters 1985 be  YARP 1022

Bukamar, Said; "Design Guidelines for Housing in Libya Based on Climatic and Social Criteria"
Architect in Tripoli, Libya
Masters 1985bu  YARP 1023

Chalfoun, Nader; "A Passive Solar Design Methodology for Housing in Egypt"
M.Arch., University of Arizona
Post Doctoral position Environmental Research Laboratory
Faculty Member, Zagazig University, Cairo, Egypt
Masters 1985c

Fellows, Rushia; "An On-site Factory-Built Housing Experiment"
Faculty member Arizona State University
Masters 1985f

Jog, Bharati; "Interphasing Computer Graphics and an Energy Program"
Faculty member, University of Cincinnati
Masters 1985j

Reyes, Raul Reynoso; "Observatory Design"
Architect in Mexico, City

Solieman, Khalifa; "M'zab Community, Algeria: Its Planning and Architectural Aspects--Past; Present and Future"
Architect in Tucson, Arizona
Masters 1985s

Tsukinoki, Kayano: "Low Cost Elderly Hosing Design for Tucson, Arizona"
Architect in Tokyo, Japan
Masters 1985ts

Al-shatti, Salem; "Kuwait: A Study of the Environmental and Cultural Appropriateness of Government Subsidized Housing"
Ph.D., Georgia Tech University
Masters 1986al

Dawood, Zuhair; "Planning Low-Income Housing Settlements: An Alternative Methodology for Oman"
Architect in Muscat, Oman
Masters in 1986da  YARP 1029

Silverberg, Jay; "Development of a Site-Selection Methodology and Design for Florida's High Speed Rail Project: Case Study: A Terminal complex for Fort Lauderdale"
Architect in Phoenix. Arizona
Faculty member at Arizona State University
Masters 1986si

Takhar, Jaspreet; "Behavioral Responses to the Passive Solar Environment"
Architect in Chandigarh, India
Masters 1986ta

Yeh, James Teshun; "Research and Design for a Precast Concrete High-Rise Public Housing Project in Taiwan"
Architect in Los Angeles, California
Masters 1986y  YARP 1033

Baden, Colin; "Rehabilitation Analysis for Historic Buildings"
Architect in Seattle, Washington
Masters 1987 ba

Hampton, Warren; "Master's of Light"
Adjunct Lecturer, University of Arizona
Masters 1987ha

Batuayour, Abdullah; "A Community Mosque"
Faculty member, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
Masters 1988ba YARP1035

Christiansen, George; "Program Guidelines for Retirement Community Design"
Architect in Visilia, California
Masters 1988ch

Hsu, Steve Kao; "A Methodology for Campus Planning"
Architect in Tucson, Arizona
Masters 1988hs

Kroelnger, Michael; "Guide to Energy Efficient Daylight Design"
Faculty member, Arizona State University

Chaiprasit, Kirkpan; "Design for Ventilation"
Architect in Bancock, Tailand
Masters 1989chaiYARP 1041

Chalfoun, Nader, Ph.D.; "Appropriate Energy Design Guidelines for New Desert Housing in Egypt"
Faculty Member, Zagazig University in Cairo, Egypt
Ph.D. 1989chalf  YARP 1039  In UA Campus Repository

Chattopadhyay, Swati; "Participation in Contemporary Architecture"
Ph.D. candidate, University of California, Berkeley
Masters 1989chatt

MacLaury, Maria Isabel Vibanco; "La Placita: Vantages of Urban Change in Historical Tucson"
Architect in Tucson, Arizona
Masters 1989m YARP 1043

Rhodius, Alexandro; "Tutorial Program for Wheelchair Users and Architecture Students"
Architect in Toronto, Canada
Masters 1989rh

Rosheidt, Akram N; "Tribal Symbolism Within the Built Form in the Middle East"
Architect in Phoenix, Arizona
Masters 1989ro  YARP 1045

Tsai, Tzu Chung; "A Passive Solar Methodology for Typical Low-Rise Housing of the Taiwan Region"
Architect in California
Masters 1989ta

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Brown, Kay; "Marketing for the Architectural Profession Applying Marketing Principles to the Business of Architecture"
Architect in Tucson, Arizona
NA1996.B76 1990 SEL

Dillon, Sarwan; "Electronic Guide to Construction Indexing Systems"
Architect in Los Angeles, California
Masters 1990di

El-Sabbagh, Hazem; "Place; Meaning in Architecture" -A A Conceptual; discussion with particular reference to the Middle Eastern built environment"
Architect in Aman, Jordan
NA9050.E4 1990 SEL

Morris, Marcia; "Contemporary Housing Alternatives for Changing Lifestyles and Non-Traditional Households"
NA7860.M67 1990 SEL

Chahin, Oscar, "Bioclimatic Architecture for Low Income Housing in Central Florida"
YARP 1049

Dods, Vincent F.; "A Comparative Study of Alternative Design Communication Techniques"
Masters 1991do

Duerr, Douglass K.; "A Computer Tutorial as a Pedagogical Tool for Building Construction Technology"
YARP 1051

Hajjiri, Mounir A.G.; "A Planning Proposal for Bridging the Walls of Jerusalem: A Land of Peace Not a Piece of Land"
NA9050.H34 1991 SEL

Hong, Seong-Woo; "The Large-Scale Development in Urban Centers"
NA9127.T8 H62 1991 SEL

Alharthy, Sultan Hamdoon; "The Traditional Architecture of Oman; A Critical Perspective"
YARP 1120

Almquist, Bradley Kent; "Marketing in Small Architecture Firms: A Comparison of Marketing Theory in Formal Texts and Actual Practices in Small Architectural Firms"
NA1996 .A45 1992 SEL

Chang, Che-Shyong; "Large Scale Commercial Developments for Central Urban Areas" Masters 1992
YARP 1053

Coffaro, Clifford M.; " A Study Comparing Reality to Alternative Design Communication Techniques"
YARP 1095

Ferranti, Kim Merriman; "The Architect Selection Process: How Architect's [i.e. Architects'] Communications Are Perceived by Selection Committee Members"
Masters 1992 fe YARP 1055

Ibrahim, Maged Mahmoud Samy; "Using Computers as a Tool in Architectural Applications"
NA2728 .I27 1992 SEL

Khawam, Marlene T.; "Rural Health Care Facilities Planning and Predesign Process"
RA967.K52 1992 FAL Oversize

McCarron, Colleen Ann; "Olympic Natatorium"
NA6800 .M33 1992 SEL

Rong, He; "Chinese Feng-Shui Theory and the Modern Idea of Natural Architecture"
BF1779.F4.H4 1992 FAL

Rouhani, Omid; "Vernacular Architecture and Its Reuse: 'Basatakia'"
YARP 1052

Samman, Alaa A.; "Unresolved Problem of the Hajj in the City of Makkah in Saudi Arabia"

Srinivasan, Sukumar; "Evolution of a Computer Aided Project Management Interface"
Masters 1992 - YARP 1094

Babinchak, James Allan; "Small Group Communication and the Squatter's Process"
YARP 1054

Fraunfelder, Daniela; "Decoding Architect's Hiring Criteria and Student's Perceptions of the Job-Seeking Process"
YARP 1057

Marsden, John Patrick; "The Architecture of Assisted Living for the Elderly: Achieving the Meaning of Home"
YARP 1056

Zhy, Zhengyang; "Towards a Japanese Architecture"  
1993 - YARP 1119

Bhat, Ravindra K.; "Visualization Using Computer Generated 3-D Models and Their Applications in Architectural Practice." December 1994
YARP 1071

Kliman, Susan, Schaefer; "The Effects of Orientation and Regional Climatic Variations on the Thermal Performance of a House." August 1994. 
YARP 1060

Mackey, Bill; "Binoculars at the Bay Window: Cohousing in America." December 1994.
YARP 1058

McCarthy, Mark J.; "Architecture and Sustainability"
2 copies
YARP 1059

Pancake, Douglas Eric; "Innovative Environments for Individuals With Alzheimer's Disease"
YARP 1096

Patel, Valmiki A.; "Computer Aided Design and Visualization"
YARP 1061

Quan, Jing; "San Francisco's China Town - A History of Architecture and Urban Planning"
YARP 1069

Soo, Fuat Jaw; "The Role of Marketing Planning in Small-Sized Architectural Firms"
YARP 1068

Wang, Xiaoying; "Mobile Homes: Their Use in the U.S. and Potential Use in China." January 1994. 
YARP 1070

Bhimani, Shefal; "An Inquiry Into the Making of Japanese Architecture through the Study of Tea Houses"
YARP 1102

Carver, Thomas F.; "Prototype School Classroom for NTSD Elementary #13"
Spring 1995. 
YARP 1101

Cheng, Lifeng; "Residential Street Design and Traffic Control"
YARP 1063

Dahanukar, Deepali Shashikant; "A Methodology for an Energy Efficient Daylighting Design"
YARP 1067

Del Bono, Elisa M.; "Architectural Conservation Records: Drawing Upon Museum and Archaeological Conservation Recording Models"
YARP 2081

Gao, Zheng; "Tradition and the Future: A Study of Shaping Centers in China." December 1995. 
YARP 1104

Egbaria, Kassem; " Human Comfort and Energy Conservation for Housing in the Negev." Masters 1995
YARP 1066

Jemaw, Tesfaye Wube; "Development of a Residential Home Inspection and Evaluation Manual." August 1995. 
YARP 1107

Liu, Xiaoning; "Meaning in Environment and Cultural Change: A Case Study in Two Pueblos." Spring 1995. 
YARP 1072

Luo, Wei; "Incorporation of Chinese Architecture and Garden"
May 1995.  YARP 1062

Pan, Rong; "Architectural Expressions: Case Study and Design Development of Museum Architecture"
May 1995.  YARP 1065

Shi, Qihua. "Neighborhood and Social Change in Shanghai, China"
December 1995.  YARP 1106

Sun, Bo; "Suzhou Private Garden"
April 1995.   YARP 1073

Xu, Li. "American New Style Trends of Tall Building Design 1985-1995"
December 1995.  YARP 1100

Yergens, Milton Stewart; "Reshaping Pedagogy in Architectural Education for the Information Age"
April 1995.  YARP 1064

Al-Hashimi, Khalid A.; "A Bioclimatic Study on Housing Patterns in Bahrain"
February 1996.    YARP 1112

Barger, Trevor;" Development Plan for Roman's Brewing Company"
May 1996 - YARP 2050
Assorted Arizona Licenses; "Application Forms"
May 1996 - YARP 2051

Chinnasote, Yupiradee; "The Rom Klao Housing Community"
August 1996.  YARP 1111

Dandavate, Ashish V.; "Computer-Aided Analysis of Microclimatic Developments in Urban Areas"
July 1996.  1110

Hong, Yu; "Planning for Solar Access"
May 1996.  YARP 1105

Lee, Fang-Yu; "Shopping Malls for Contemporary Lifestyles"
August 1996.  YARP 1109

Lozano, Martha Cecilia; "A Passive Solar Energy Design for Houses in Hot-Humid and Cold Tropical Climates"
May 1996.  YARP 1108

Mills, Noriko Hondo; "Portfolio Production and Job Seeking Behaviors of Recent Architecture Graduates"
April 1996.  YARP 1103

Rojanapaibulya, Attakit; "St. Luke's Home: Case Study and Design Analysis of a Congregate Housing for Elderly Women"
Masters 1996 - YARP 1113

Burrelsman, Teresa A.; "Implementing Buildings: A case study and analysis of the Tucson Main Library and the Phoenix Central Library"
Spring 1997.  YARP 1116

Chen, Zheng; "High-Density Urban Housing in Chira: The Living Environment"
1997 - YARP 1117

Pholvilai, Worawan; "An Energy Efficient Approach to the Integration of Daylight and Artificial Light for Commercial Buildings in a Warm-Humid Climate"
1997 - YARP 1115

Sanchez-Gonzales; "Case Study on Sustainable Design in Tucson, Arizona."
1997 - YARP 1121

Sritongsuk, Pongchai; " A Study of Contemporary Art Museums"
1997 - YARP 1110

 Jin, Guang-Zhao ; "Continuation and Renovation of Urban Housing Communities (Beijing)"
1998 - YARP 1118

Nosshi, Ramses; "Wolfbery Farm: Passive Solar Design of an Ecological Agriculture Research Facility."
1998 - YARP 2080

Yeo, Emmeline E-Mae; "Sustainable Design Policy Making For Public High-Rises in Singapore."
1998 - YARP 2086

 Lewis, Felicity; "Energy Efficient Prototype Classroom Design For Sydney, Australia"
1998 - YARP 2088

 Nakao, Ina de Souza; "Passive Solar Design Applied to Social Housing Development in Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil"
1998 - YARP 2093

Strirrmatter, Janet Hubbard; "Arizona's Vernacular Dwellings"
1998 - YARP 2089

 Ding, Yan; "The Nanjing Garden of Arts- In Search of a New Chinese Architecture"
May 1999 - YARP 2092

 Ke, Tailong; "Computer Application for Thesis Preparation"
1999 - YARP 2091

 Lewis, Lance; "Nevada Science Center: Adaptive Reuse and Preservation Design for United States Post Office In Reno, Nevada"
Spring 1999 - YARP 2083

 Mendes Rodrigues de Macedo Cabral, Maria Ines ; "Preserving Vernacular Architecture With Environmental Concerns For Sustainable Tourism: a case study in Portugal"
1999 - YARP 2084

Moulinier, Pierre; "Solar House in the Foothills -Environmental Design"
1999 - YARP 2087

Nocolosi, Danielle; "Modern Trends in Resort Architecture"
1999 - YARP 2090

Sarria, Alejandro; "Multimedia Marketing for Design Firms"
1999 - YARP 2085 

Swafford, Obadiah Marcus; "The Development of Design/Build As An Education Paradigm."                     
1999 – YARP 2082

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 Apmann, Nadine; "Proposed Fine Arts Library"
August 2000 - YARP 2095

Cepparo, Maria Paula; "Public Spaces in Desert Communities. The Study of Cases in Mendoza, Argentina and in Tucson Arizona."
2000 - YARP 2096

Liu, Ke; "Comparison of Autocad, Form-Z and 3DVIZ in Architectural Computer Modeling" 
2000 - YARP 2094

Olesen, Christina L; “Design for a Residence Hall at the University of Arizona” 
2000 – YARP ARC.4a

Yamsanwar, Aditya; "Designing Website as a Tool for Marketing Architecture Firms"
October 2000 - YARP ARC.8a


Al-Halis, Iyad; "Energy Efficient Courtyard House Design"
2001 - YARP ARC. 1a

Aubry, Alexander W.; "Trans-Cultural Space: Examining The Relationship of Place
& Identity in Architecture"
2001 - YARP ARC.9a

Kaftan, Eran; "The Cellular Method To Design Energy Efficient Shading Form To
Accommodate The Dynamic Characteristics of Climate"
2001 - YARP ARC.10a

Lewis, Vania Cinuciusky Feitosa; "Low-Income Housing Development in Brazil"
2001 - YARP 2097

Proctor, Ronald Gordon; "Measuring Architectural Sustainability Using Ecological Footprint Analysis: A Case Study" 2001 - YARP 1122

Kirby, G. Siobhan; "Analysis of Energy Conservation within the Tucson Unified School District"
May 2002 - YARP 2098

Lukenda, Kristina; “Kinetic Architecture and its application to Urban Housing in Tucson”
June 2002 –YARP ARC.2a

Michiel de Villiers, Braa;: “Bioclimatic Design for Energy Conscious Housing on the South African Highveld and the Northern Steppe”
September 2002  - YARP ARC.3a

Hu, Jian; "Ecological Skyscraper Design in Chicago City" 2003 - ARC.14a

Karimi, Zahra Pamela; "Tehran, the Virtual Islamic City: Urban Visual Transformation in Post-Revolutionary Tehran 1980-1990"
2003 - YARP ARC.12a

Kolejka, Michael G.; “A Climate Responsive Outpatient Medical Facility For Tucson, Arizona” 2003 –ARC15a

Raje, Anshuman; “Reciprocity: The Integration of CAD/CAM Technology in Architectural Design and Construction” 2003-ARC13a


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Brookhart, Theodore Paul; “Diary of an Internship in City Planning as Performed in the City Planning Department Municipal Building, Phoenix, Arizona June 1, 1964 to September 3, 1964.” 
1966 – YARP PLAN.1p2

Lusteck, Joseph Anton Jr.; “Report of an Internship in Urban Planning as Performed at the Pima County Planning Department Tucson, Arizona, June 15, 1965 to September 15, 1965.”
1966 – YARP PLAN.2p19671

Ferro, Guy Forrest; “Report of an Internship in Urban Planning as Performed at the City of Tucson Planning Division Tucson, Arizona June 15, 1966 to November 15, 1966.” 
1967 – YARP PLAN.3p19681

Hopkins, Stephen Daniels; “Report of an Internship in Urban Planning as Performed at the Colorado Springs, Colorado, City Planning Department.” 
1968 – YARP PLAN.4p.19691

Crilly, Mary Nelson; “Community Factbook a Handbook Containing Suggestions for It’s Use, Content, Design and Publication.”
1969 – YARP PLAN.5p

Fridenstine, Marie Elaine; “Federal Housing Administration:  Past, Present and Future.”
1969 – YARP PLAN.6p3

Jacoby, Peter Jay; “Eastwick Redevelopment Project.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  An Analysis and Critique.”
1969 – YARP PLAN.7p19701

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De Michael, Robert Scott; “Santa Clara California the Central Business District and Community and Analysis and Critique.”  
1970 – YARP PLAN.8p.2

Haney, John A.; “Program for Open Space Planning in the Tucson Area.”
1970 – YARP PLAN.9p19711

Block, Philip W.; “Approach to Park and Recreation Planning for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area.”
1971 – YARP PLAN.10p2

Crawford, John Kuenzli; “Mormon Townsite as Applied to Streets and Land Use in Navajo and Apache Counties, Arizona.”
1971 – YARP PLAN.11p3

Dewhirst, John Steven; “Modular Housing.”
1971 – YARP PLAN.13p2

Garret, William H.; “Formulation of Comprehensive Plan Goal Statements –A Process.”
1971 – YARP PLAN.12p19721

Donahoe, Gary Edmund; “Social Effects of High-Residential Densities and Population Overcrowding:  A Study of the City of Tucson.” 
1972 – YARP PLAN.14p3

Howlett, Roger John; “Some Community Implications of Year-Round Public Education in Tucson.”
1972 – YARP PLAN.15p4

Magjar, Fredi; “Foutain Hills, Arizona School Site Studies - - Problems and Proposals.”
1972 – YARP PLAN.16p5

Mercer, Allan Eugene; “Criteria for the Evaluation of Scenic Roads.”
1972 – YARP PLAN.17p6

Shawkey, Nancy Ann; “Citizen Participation in the Community Renewal Project of Dallas, Texas.”
1972 – YARP PLAN.18p7

Thomas, Karen Daub; “Policy Planning:  The Minneapolis Case.”
1972 – YARP PLAN.19p8

Van Duyn, Marty J.; “Zoning Variances City of Tucson, Arizona (June 1970 – January 1971).”
1972 – YARP PLAN.20p19731

Holmes, Richard B.; “Inputs to Reaction Planning.”
1973 – YARP PLAN.21p2

Macdonald, Peter David; “Economic Development Plan for the Model Cities Program.”
1973 – YARP PLAN.22p3

Sneesby, David Jerome; “Site Selection Process for the Washakie Community Complex.”
1973 – YARP PLAN.23p4

Swope, Robert Evers; “Tucson Housing Element Process.”
1973 – YARP PLAN.24p5

Wentworth, Douglas Lloyd; “Planning for Solid Wastes Management in Cochise County, Arizona.”
1973 – YARP PLAN.25p19741

Araneta, Irma Cecilia; “Role of Newspaper Supplement in Public Planning Discussion in Cochise County.”
1974 – YARP PLAN.26p2

Brady, Raymond Joseph; “Community Development –Design Centers a Discussion of Political and Management Difficulties with Special Reference tp Three Centers in the U.S.”
1974 – YARP PLAN.27p3

Corbett, Richard E.; “Program for Improved Management pf Comprehensive Planning in the Tucson-Eastern Pima County Region.” 
1974 – YARP PLAN.28p4

Goldsmith, Susan Nelson; “Citizen Participation and the Computerization of Public Planning.”
1974 – YARP PLAN.29p5

Kelsey, K. Karmen; “Transportation Planning:  a Case Study of Spokane Goals and Objectives Survey, 1974."
1974 – YARP PLAN.30p6

Kimball, Lawrence H.; “Elements Necessary to the Development of a Land Selection Process for Alaskan Municipalities.” 
1974 – YARP PLAN.31p7

Krajnak, Debra; “Urban Environment Management Act - - Arizona’s Municipal Planning Enabling Legislation.”             
1974 – YARP PLAN.32p8

Zaborac, John Francis Jr.; “Interim Concept Plan Land Use Inventory.” 
1974 – YARP PLAN.33p19751

Baggs, Robert D. “Interlude:  a Planning Intern’s Perception of the Arizona State Legislative Process.” 
1975 –YARP PLAN.34p2

Cipriani, Ralph J.; “Regional Personality as an Obstacle to Regional Planning and Community Action.”
1975 – YARP PLAN.35p3

Devine, David; “Neighborhood Unit Concept.”
1975 – YARP PLAN.36p4

Gillis, Mark John; “Small Area Planning As Practiced by the Louisville and Jefferson County Planning Commission.”
1975 – YARP PLAN.37p5

Kahn, Karen V.; “North Coolidge Drainage Project an Overview.” 
1975 – YARP PLAN.38p6

Padoven, John S.; “New Mexico State Economic Opportunity Office an Internship Report.” 
1975 – YARP PLAN.39p7

Sudol, Christine L. “Mortgage Lending in Jersey City, New Jersey:  Design for Research.” 
1975 – YARP PLAN.40p8

Van Brunt, Mark; “Functional Committee as a Physical Planning Entity Within the Rural Cog.”
1975 – YARP PLAN.41p19761

Brown, William T.; “Role of States in Community Planning.”
1976 – YARP PLAN.42p2

Carlisle, Nancy Anne; “Report of an Internship in Urban Planning as Performed at the Tucson City Planning Department, Tucson, Arizona, June 4, 1975 – August 15, 1975.”
1976 – YARP PLAN.43p3

Chalker, Howard W.; “Identification of Users and Their Needs in a Recreation Planning Process.”
1976 – YARP PLAN.44p4

Hatfield, Catherine; “Planning as Education in a Small Community.”
1976 – YARP PLAN.45p5

Hill, John W.; “Carpool Attitude Survey.”
1976 – YARP PLAN.46p6

Jackovics, Theodore; “ Transportation Planning:  Alternate Modes Study of Tucson, Arizona.”
1976 – YARP PLAN.47p7

Mosher, William; “Trial Access Planning Process for the Tucson Metropolitan Area.”
1976 – YARP PLAN.48p8

Muller, Claudette G.; “M.P.A. Internship Report.”
1976 – YARP PLAN.49p9

Notzon, Marguerite R.; “Alternate Modes Study.”
1976 – YARP PLAN.50p10

Paulette, Lacy Foster; “Model of Planning Constraints.”
1976 – YARP PLAN.51p11

Timmerman, Edward N.; “Appraisal of the 208 Water Quality Program and Other Planning Efforts by the Ogden City-Weber County (Utah) Planning Commission.”
1976 – YARP PLAN.52p12

Whittaker, Kevin D. “Approach to Open Space Planning.”
1976 – YARP PLAN.53p1977

Carpenter, Kay Ellen; “Review of the Tucson Housing Assistance Plan:  1975.” 
1977 – YARP PLAN.54p2

Peterson, Mark E.; “Planning Dilemas of a Rural Arizona County.” 
1977 – YARP PLAN.55p19821

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Russell, Robert Patrick Jr.; “History of Man’s Influence Upon the Vegetation of the Chiricahua Mountain Meadows.” 
1982 – YARP PLAN.56p19881

Miller, Mark Michael; “Managing the Maelstrom:  Decentralization Planning for the Mexico City Metropolis.”
1988 – YARP PLAN.57p19911

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Bradley, Catherine Mccarthy; “Attitudes of Verde Valley Residents Toward the Presence of National Park Service Units in the Area.”
1991 – YARP PLAN.58p19961

Weng, Qihao; “Changing Spatial Economic Patterns and Geographic Concentration Process in the Zhujiang River Delta, Guangong Province, Southern China, 1978-92:  Spatial Impacts of China’s New Development Strategy.”
1996 – YARP PLAN.59p

Al-Jaber, Khaled J. ; "Courtyard Houses: Urban Design and Implementation in Hot/Humid and Hot/Arid Climates."
1997 - YARP 3011p

Eshenbaugh, Dwayne Russell; "Design Communication Pattern and Methodologies of
Architectural Practice and Education: Towards the Twenty-First Century"
1997 - YARP 3001p

Espino, Nilson Ariel; "The Urban Planning and Design Relationship: A new Conceptual Look."
1997 - YARP 3006p 

Fernandez, Jose Raul; "Neighborhood Vitality and the Urban Poor: What makes the difference on meeting Basic Needs? Case Studies in Santiago De Los Caballeros."
1997 - YARP 3005p

Garcia Mendoza, Jesus Guillermo; "Proposal to Support the Integration of Guatemalan Refugees in the States of Campeche and Quintanaroo, Mexico."
1997 - YARP 3010p

Long, Owen Matthew; "Infill Housing potential in Tucson, Arizona."
1997 - YARP 3009p

Love, John A; "Theories and perspectives on measuring the effects of Growth Management: The Case of Pima County"
August 1997 - YARP 3002p

Lovely, Cynthia A.; "Planning a Recreational Trial System: The National Trend, the Arizona Initiative, and the Rincon Valley Subregional Trails Plan"
1997 - YARP 3003p

Rodgers, Christienne; "Visioning: A Public Participation Process for Community Building."
1997 - YARP 3008p

Romano, Guillermo V.; "Landfill Reclamation in the City of Tucson"
1997 - YARP 3007p

Wyman, Robert; "Growth Management Tools & Practices: The Role of Planning Tools in Implementing Growth Management Strategies"
August 1997 - YARP 3004p

Alev, Zeynep Banu; "Housing and Squatter settlement Problem in Istanbul, Turkey: From a Social, Cultural Perspective."
1998 - YARP 3015p

Carruthers, John; "Non Metropolitan Land Use Planning in the Mountain West: The Case of Cochise County."
1998 - YARP 3014p

Chundur, Dipasusita ; "Site Specific Design/Landscape Elements in Mitigating Particulate Matter: A Case Study of the Residential Area of Tucson."
1998 - YARP 3016p

Lopez Quintero, Luis Jaime ; "Urban Land Uses in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico."
1998 - YARP 3012p

Silva, Dennis C., Jr ; "Green Valley: Recreation Retirement Community and Age Specific Demographic Projection Plan for Green Valley."
1998 - YARP 3013p

Thermil, Kareen; "Future Tourism Developments in Haiti Jacmel, Haiti, a Case Study"
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