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Computers for non-UA affiliate use

What computers are available for Non-UA affiliate use?

24 PCs and 1 Mac are available on the first floor of the Main Library. They are located on Tier 5.

All other library computers are reserved for University of Arizona students, faculty, staff, affiliates or other authorized customers and require login with a valid NetID; and for others with a qualifying library card or account and a PIN.

How can I use a computer?

Obtain a computer card at the Main Library 1st Floor Technology Lending help desks. A photo ID is required to obtain a computer card. You must be 15 years of age or older.

Reserve a computer at the help desk. You can reserve one 60-minute session per day up to 3 days in advance.

Your reservation will be honored up to 10 minutes after your scheduled start time.

Missed reservations and reservations canceled due to computer repair will not count against the limit of one session per day.

Walk up to an empty Tier 5 computer, enter your computer card number and use the computer, which counts as your reservation. 

Login using the number listed on the bottom of your computer card. The computer will log you out at the end of a 60-minute session or if left idle for 20 minutes, so plan accordingly to avoid losing your work.

What if I forget my card?

All customers are required to have their computer cards in order to use a Tier 5 computer. 

If a card is forgotten, staff will consider the circumstances of each individual situation and determine if an exception is reasonable or is habitual behavior. 

If it is reasonable to grant an exception, you will need to show a valid picture ID with your name printed on ID. 

Staff will look up your card number. 

Please note that a computer card will be required next time.

What if I lose my card or it is stolen?

If your computer card is lost or stolen, you are responsible for notifying the library as soon as possible so that the card can be cancelled. 

Once cancelled, lost computer cards can be replaced for a fee of $10 at the Express Document Center. 

A receipt is needed to request a new card.

Can I use a computer for longer than 60 minutes?

If other public use computers are available after your session, you may request one additional 60-minute session. 

What if I want more time to use library databases?

You can access library databases on our computers or by using the campus UA Public Wi-Fi with your own laptop.

Will my privacy be protected?

The reservation software will not monitor your activities; its purpose is to authenticate initial access and regulate 60-minute sessions. However, you are expected to follow our Code of Conduct

Data on who used which computer, including expired reservations, will be removed automatically each day.

If you restart the computer, all information and files left on the computer will be deleted except for files saved in the T:\ Drive, which are only cleared periodically.

How can I scan library materials?

One of our computers is linked to a scanner and can be reserved.

We also have Zeutschel book scanners at both the Main and Science-Engineering Libraries, which are free to use with your own USB flash drive and do not require a login or a reservation.   Priority use of equipment given to UA students and affiliates. At the Fine Arts Library, ask for staff assistance.

What if I just need to look up library material or use the library catalog?

You can use one of our quick look up terminals without a login or reservation or go to any information desk for help.

Will a reservation guarantee I can use a computer?

No. Your reservation may not be honored if the computer is needed for a UA student, faculty or staff or if the computer needs to be repaired.

Non-UA users may be asked, either in person or through the desktop message system, to vacate a computer if UA students, faculty or staff are waiting for a computer.

Last modified: December 22, 2016