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Bulletin board & display policies

Only groups, organizations, and departments that are verified as University of Arizona affiliates are allowed to display materials in the University Libraries.  Verified status is valid only if found in: Student/Faculty/Staff Directory or ASUA Recognized Student Clubs & Organizations.

Personal message boards are intended to leave notes for friends and classmates and will be cleaned off daily.

Fundraising advertisements are not allowed except those for University Libraries' fundraising events.

Political or campaign announcements (campus, local, state or national) are not allowed.

Posting of flyers is not permitted on exterior or interior walls, windows or doors.

Only one copy of flyer/poster permitted.

No staples!


Bulletin Boards

Personal Message Boards

Main Library

2nd floor main lobby and 1st floor entrance near ILC courtyard

2nd floor lobby, across from elevators

Science-Engineering Library

3rd floor lobby, across from elevators

2nd floor lobby, across from elevators

Fine Arts Library

Inside entrance, left of doors



Last modified: August 3, 2016