Hill Collection

What is the Hill Collection?

The Hill Collection and Phillips Collection contain most, but not all, of the popular music in the Fine Arts Library. The Hill Collection was donated to the University of Arizona by Grant Hill and contains sheet music of nearly 135,000 tunes, dating back to the mid-1800's. The Phillips Collection, originally the University of Arizona collection of popular music, was renamed after Elsie Phillips, the first University of Arizona Music Librarian. The collection contains music to 5,000 tunes.

These special collections of fragile and irreplaceable music are non-circulating. Items from these collections are not listed in Sabio, the University's online catalog, but are listed in separate indexes. Music titles located in the circulating collection are listed in Sabio.

Using the Hill Collection Online Index

To view music from the Hill Collection, record the number of the song as assigned in the index on paper and take it to the circulation desk to retrieve your request. Two items will be paged at a time.

Using the Phillips Collection Paper Index

Items in the Phillips Collection are indexed by either song title or composer in a notebook at the Fine Arts Library. Use the index to look for a piece of music, then record the title of the song on paper and take it to the circulation desk to retrieve your request.

Copyright and Use

All music in editions published in the last 90 years are protected by copyright law.

When using the Hill Collection or the Phillips Collection, it is necessary to present a picture I.D. at the circulation desk. Music from these collections must be used in the Fine Arts Library. Please handle these materials with care.

As of this time, the Hill Collection may only be browsed or searched by title and composer: