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Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD)provides reliable access to important and relevant information about PreK-12 media.


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Searching CLCD

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You will be looking for books about single mothers for elementary school students.

We will first set up some searching parameters to make your search more effective.

Your Turn:

  • Under Word Search Criteria select Exact Phrase Search


Searching CLCD

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Your Turn:

  • Under Reader and Genre, set the Reader's Age range from 6 to 10
  • You can move the blue dots to set the age


Searching CLCD

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Your Turn:

  • Enter the middle school into the main search box
  • Click Search

How many items are returned in this search?

Searching CLCD

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Skim the list of results

What does a blue talk bubble image underneath an item indicate?

Searching CLCD

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Your Turn:

  • Select the item PICKLE : the (formerly) anonymous prank club of Fountain Point Middle School.

Under Reading Measurement Programs, what is the Lexile Measure assigned to this item?

Modifying Search Results

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Let's modify our results some more.

We want to locate books that have won awards or received honors.

Your Turn:

  • Click the Back to Search Results link at the top left of the screen.


Modifying Search Results

2 of 3Your Turn:
  • In the Criteria box on the left, click on: Search Specific Field


  • Under Awards/Honors select Books that have won Awards & Honors
  • Click Search


Modifying Search Results

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How many items are returned after modifying your search?


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