Children's Literature Comprehensive Database

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to locate resources using Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD). CLCD provides reliable access to important and relevant information about PreK-12 media.

You should see the Children's Literature Comprehensive Database search screen to the right. If you are off-campus, you might be required to login with your netID.

(To access this database from the UA Libraries' home page, click on Search & Find > Articles & Databases > Find databases by title (C) > Children's Literature Comprehensive Database)

Click the arrows at the bottom to navigate this guide.

Searching CLCD

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Searching CLCD is easy once you know a few tricks.

1. Type the words single mother into the search box. Do not click Search yet!

2. Under Word search criteria select exact phrase.

3. Under Additional Search Qualifiers, set the Reader's Age range from 6 to 10.

4. Click Search.

Searching CLCD

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How many items are returned in this search?

What does a blue talk bubble image underneath an item indicate?

Searching CLCD

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From the results page, select the item Something to blog about: a novel.

Under Reading Measurement Programs, what is the Lexile Measure assigned to this item?

Click the Search Results button at the top of the screen.

Modifying Search Results

1. Find the Filter results by... box on the left side of the search results

2. Click on Special Search Qualifiers, and locate Awards/Honors and select Books that have won Awards & Honors from the drop-down menu.

3. Click Search.

How many items are returned after modifying your search?

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You have learned how to:

Access CLCD through the UA Libraries website

Locate and retrieve items related to a research topic

Use advanced search features that help to limit or refine your results

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