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Create an Account

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Before you can use dataZoa™, you must first create a dataZoa™ account.

Your Turn:

  • Click the Create a New Account link


  • Follow the steps to create your account
  • Once you have created your account, return to this tab

Note: You will need to check your email to fully create an account.

Create an Account

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Were you able to successfully create and account and access it?

Install dataZoa

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If you have not already done so, you will need to install the dzDot add-on to your browser.

Your Turn:

  • Login back into dataZoa from the page to the right by clicking on either the Home or On button


Install dataZoa

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Your Turn:

  • Under the Set button click on the install the dz-Dot browser add on for link


  • Follow the directions to fully install the add-on

Install dataZoa

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If installed correctly, you will see the dZ dot as part of your browsers ribbon.


Install dataZoa

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Were you able to successfully install the dZ dot successfully?

Using dataZoa

dataZoa™ helps students, educators, researchers, and analysts manage the internet's vast amounts of open data.

Want to know more about open data? Click the link below:

What is open data?

Uploading Data

dataZoa™ allows you to import data from public databases, commonly referred to as Open Data, as well as to upload private data to your individual account.

Public and private data can be combined in mathematical calculations.

You can upload data by using the Upload my data link in the database.


Using the dZ-Dot™

The real power of using dataZoa™ for research and analysis lies in the dZ-Dot™.

The dZ-Dot™ is a universal translator for data series, meaning that it changes all dataseries to a single format and updates them as they change.

By using the dz-Dot™ to populate your account, a one-time download puts dynamic data at your fingertips.

Every time the data source updates, so does the data within your account. Valuable time once spent keeping data current can now be spent on analysis and research tasks.

Data Sources

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dataZoa includes many subscribing data sources.

Your Turn

  • Click on the "Data Index" button to see the list of data sources
  • Click Economy
  • Click United States
  • Scan the list of data sources

Data Sources

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How many federal reserve banks are available in dataZoa?

Data Sources

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Your Turn:

  • Take a look at the different icons after the entries in the list.

What do these different icons provide?


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