Dictionary of Literary Biography for GER/HIS 278

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Dictionary of Literary Biography

In this tutorial you will learn how to find manuscript information using the Dictionary of Literary Biography (DLB), which provides author biographies, complete lists of their works, including location of manuscripts, and bibliographies about writers from all time periods.

Practice Search by Author

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To practice searching the DLB, here is a sample research question:

Where can I find the location of the Chievrefoil manuscript  written by Marie de France?

To begin:

  • In the search box labeled Person-By or About, type: "Marie de France" in quotations.
  • Select the Search button.

Practice Search by Author

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  • At the next screen, under the Biographies section, select the title link, "Marie de France"

  • In the document, there is a "WORKS" section. Review this to locate information about Chievrefoil. You may also use the "Search within document" search box on the right side of the page. 

Practice Search by Author

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Review the manuscript information and select the correct answer below that describes where the original manuscript of Chievrefoil is located and it's call number amongst the options below.


NOTE:  This entry also includes a biographical essay and a reference list of works about Marie de France.  

Search by Name of Work

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This time you will conduct a search using the name of a specific text: Nibelungenlied.

  • To begin, select the Advanced Search link on the upper-right side of the page. 

  • In the search box labeled Name of Work, type:   Nibelungenlied

  • Select the Search button

Search by Name of Work

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At the next screen click on the entry: "The Nibelungenlied and the Klage"

Review the document to find the section "Manuscripts."

Search by Name of Work

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Review the manuscript information and determine which best describes where the original manuscript of the Nibelungenlied is located and its call number amongst the options below.

NOTE: This entry also includes great background information about the Nibelungenlied plus a useful reference list.

Review & Help

  • The Dictionary of Literary Biography is a good starting point for finding information about an author, their writings, critical essays about their works, and locations of the original manuscripts.
  • If you don't find manuscript information in the DLB, consult the library reference sources listed in your research guide.
  • For library assistance, use the Ask Us service.