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In this tutorial, you will learn how to find documents within Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO).

This database provides an entry into the Age of Enlightenment in Great Britain. Included are works by women writers, 18th century editions of Shakespeare and works of Jonathan Swift, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Pope, among others.

This is an interactive tutorial with directions on this side and a live website on the other side.

Use the arrows below to navigate through the tutorial.

Search by Research Topic

1 of 7You need to locate documents about the sugar trade in the eighteenth century.

In the search box, type in quotes "sugar trade" then click the Search button.

Why quotes?

Search by Research Topic

2 of 7You should have retrieved nearly 500 results. That's too many to look through!

Notice how this database sorts the results by default.

How are your results being sorted?

Search by Research Topic

3 of 7In this case, sorting by relevance would be more useful.

Select Relevance from the drop-down menu.

Notice the first entry: 

Tracts, on various subjects, chiefly relating to East-India affairs.

How many pages long is this publication?

Search by Research Topic

4 of 7Click on this entry's eTable of Contents

This is a good way to see an overview what content is included in the document.

Under the Main Body, select CHAP. I. EAST INDIA SUGAR.

Notice that the letter ‘s’ looks like an 'f'. This is known as a ‘long s’ and was used in the beginning and middle of a word.

Search by Research Topic

5 of 7Another way to navigate through a large document is to search for words within it.

Under Search this work, type sugar and click Go.

Use the numbers under Image Number to locate all the instances of the word "sugar." Click on 29.

What is the first proposed regulation in Chapter II?

Search by Research Topic

6 of 7Since "sugar" often appears as "fugar," go back to the search box and replace "sugar" with fugar then click Go.

What do you notice about the entries that appear when you search fugar?

Search by Research Topic

7 of 7Now click on the List of Illustrations under the record information.

Select the entry labeled An ACCOUNT of the Number of SHIPS, with their TONNAGE, which cleared Outwards from Great Britain.

Use the magnifying glass option to increase the size of the document if you can't read the numbers.

According to this chart, what was the total number of tons shipped out from Great Britain to the British West India Islands in 1788?

Find a Specific Document

1 of 2You now need to find the play, Othello.

At the top of the page, click the button BROWSE WORKS

In the Find Title search box, enter othello moor of venice

Click Search.

Notice there are a number of entries for theatrical play books for Othello as well as editions of the work.

Select the following title from the results: 

Othello, the Moor of Venice. A Tragedy. as IT Hath Been Divers Times Acted at the Globe, and at the Black-Friers: And Now at the Theatre Royal, ...

Click on Full Citation linked underneath the entry.

Find a Specific Document

2 of 2The Full Citation provides more details about this particular edition, such as:
  • Imprint – place of publication, publisher and date of publication
  • Language
  • Number of pages
  • ESTC number
    More Information
  • Microfilm Reel # More Information 
  • Source Library – where this particular edition came from
  • Holding Libraries  - libraries that have a print copy of this edition
  • Source citation – note: The provided URL does not lead back to this page.

According to the Full Citation, how is the author’s name listed in this edition of Othello?

Search Another Research Topic

1 of 2

Now you need to locate accounts written by George Washington about crossing the Delaware River during the American Revolutionary war.

At the top of the screen, click on the button BROWSE AUTHORS. This is the most effective way to locate the correct form of an author’s name.

In the Find Author search box, type Washington, George 

Click Search

In the list that is presented, click on the link for Washington, George

How many documents does this database have that are authored by George Washington?

Search Another Research Topic

2 of 2Type Delaware in the search box to Search within these results. Click Go.

This should narrow your results down to 10.

Select this entry: 

Official letters to the Honorable American Congress, written, during the war between the United Colonies and Great Britain, by His Excellency, ....  

Notice that the word Delaware is highlighted on the pages where the term appears.  

On the first page of his letters, what does George Washington write that he did on Monday morning (December 5, 1776)?

Search for Images

1 of 2

Now you need to find musical scores for the piano published during the 18th century.

Click on ADVANCED SEARCH at the top of the screen.

Enter the word piano in the first search box.

Scroll down to Subject Area and check only the Fine Arts box.

Under Illustrated Works Containing select Music

Click Search.

Search for Images

2 of 2Find this entry:  

Six sonatas for the piano forte or harpsichord with an accompaniment for a violin and violoncello Humbly Dedicated (by Permission) To St. John ...

Select List of Illustrations beneath the entry information and select any Sonata to view the musical score.

Who is the composer of these sonatas?



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