IBISWorld for BNAD314

Open http://www.library.arizona.edu/search/articles/dbfind.php?shortname=ibis

in another browser window to work through this tutorial side by side.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to find industry reports using IBISWorld, which provides access to a comprehensive collection of Industry Market Research and Industry Risk Ratings.

On the right side of the screen, you should see the IBISWorld search interface. You can always access this database through Blackboard or from the UA Libraries home page.

Use the arrows below to navigate through the tutorial.

Search by NAICS

You may search IBISWorld by NAICS code, industry name, company name, or brand name.

The simplest way to search is by NAICS code. From previous tutorials, you should remember that Intel Corp.'s main NAICS code is 334413. Enter that into the search box.

Note that more than one report appears in the results because many NAICS codes can be subdivided into multiple industries.

Aside from Semiconductor & Circuit Manufacturing in the US, what other industry comes up in the search?


Search by Industry Name

If you weren't sure of the NAICS code, you could search by industry name. Enter microprocessors into either search box.

Aside from Semiconductor & Circuit Manufacturing in the US, what is another report in the search?


Search by Company

Another option is to search by company name. This method will ONLY work if the company is mentioned in the report.

Search for General Electric. Now open the report titled Medical Device Manufacturing in the US.

According to this report, what is another major competitor in this market? (Look under the Major Companies tab.)


Search by Brand

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Another way to find the industry report is to search by brand.  

Search for Coca Cola and then open the Soda Production in the US report.

Select the Products & Markets tab.

According to this report, what percentage of the product is distributed through vending machines?

Search by Brand

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Next select the Industry Outlook tab.

According to this report, is revenue predicted to increase or decrease (in general)?


Now select the Industry Performance tab.

In 2012, how did the industry's revenue growth perform?


The End

Congratulations, you've completed this tutorial!


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