Locating Children’s Literature

Open http://www.library.arizona.edu/ in another browser window to work through this tutorial side by side.

Access the UA Libraries' Catalog

In the webpage on the right, place your cursor over the Search & Find tab and choose Library Catalog.

Notice that the catalog defaults to a Keyword search.

We will search for children’s literature on Japanese folklore.

Type in the keywords Japan and folklore

*Do not click Submit just yet*

Limit your search

Limit your search to only those materials located in the UA Library’s Main Children’s Literature collection.

Find the Location box

Use the scroll bar to find: Child's Lit (Main Lib). Select it.

Click Submit.

Analyze your search results

How many results did you find?

Analyze a book's record

1 of 2Locate the following title:

The bee and the dream : a Japanese tale

Click the link for the title.

You are now looking at the complete record for this book.

What is the call number for this book?

Where would you find this item in the library? Click the Call Number Location Guide from the upper right side of the screen (it will take you to a new tab). Use the call number to determine the location.

Analyze a book's record

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What Subject is listed on the record to lead you to additional information on this topic?

Skim the record for this book - does it include a summary of the book’s contents?

Limit searches to the Children's Int'l. Lit. collection

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You can also limit to the Children's Int'l. Lit. (College of Ed.).

Doing this will only find books in the International Children's Literature Collection, which is located in the Education Building.

Limit searches to the Children's Int'l. Lit. collection

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To do so, click Modify Search at the top of the screen.

This will take you back to your original search.

Find the Location box

Use the scroll bar to find: Child's Int'l Lit(Ed Bldg). Select it.

Click Submit


Select a title that looks interesting and view the record.

Books in the Children's International Literature Collection can not be checked out, but you can visit the collection.

For more information, see: