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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to find information using Mergent Online. Mergent is a business database that contains scholarly financial data, industry data, company profiles, and country economic reports.

On the right side of the screen, you should see the Mergent Online search interface. You can always access this database through D2L or from the UA Libraries home page.

Use the arrows below to navigate through the tutorial.


Company Research

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On the Mergent Online search page, in the Company Search box, type Intel Corp and select Go. Select the Intel Corp link from the results.

This takes you to the Company Details page. In the light blue section you can find incorporation information, industry sector, NAICS code, and very basic financial information.

Which Industry/NAICS code is listed for Intel?

Company Research

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Below the light blue section on the Company Details page, there's additional summary information such as recent stock prices, news articles, and executive information.

What is the salary of Brian Krzanich, Intel's Chief Executive Officer?




Business Segments

Under the Company Details tab, you'll see a list of links such as Highlights, History, etc. On the far right, select Business Segments.

Here you can find information on revenues and profits by business segment and geography. For the next 2 questions, use the drop-down menu to change 3 Years/Annuals to 5 Years/Annuals, then select Refresh.

What were the revenues for the Data Center Group in 2012 (in millions)?


In 2015, what were the revenues from China (including Hong Kong) (in millions)?

Executives tab

By selecting the Executives tab, you can find additional information such as key officers' work history, tenure with the company, and total compensation.

Before joining Intel, where did Chairman Andy D. Bryant work in finance? 

Annual Reports

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When researching companies, annual reports are a valuable source of information.  

To find annual reports in Mergent Online, select the Reports tab.  

What is the oldest annual report available for Intel from Mergent?

Annual Reports

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Staying on the Reports tab, select the Mergent Reports link (just below the tabs). You'll be taken to a page with five different types of predefined reports.

Which type of report is available from Mergent?



By selecting the Competitors tab, you can see the names of rival companies and compare information such as revenues, total assets and liabilities, market capitalization, and number of employees.

By selecting the triangles in the column headings, you also can sort in ascending or descending order.

Keeping Intel as the example, check to make sure that the Net Income column is sorted from highest to lowest. If it's not, click or tap twice on the triangles to re-sort.

Which company has the highest net income?

Information can also be exported into an Excel spreadsheet using the Download button (on the right side, below the light blue box).




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