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What is Pivot?

Pivot provides funding information from federal and local governments, private foundations, and public organizations for a variety of activities, including research and travel, in all academic disciplines.


Getting an Account

You can use Pivot without signing up for an account. However, you will have access to more features if you have an account.

Your Turn:

  • Click the Sign Up link at the top
  • Follow the instructions 

You will need to verify your account via your email.

Once you have verified your email, come back to this tab and tutorial.

Advanced Searching

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To fully take advantage of Pivot, use the advanced searching features.

We will use the Advanced Search interface to locate funding opportunities in the area of climate change and the environment

Your Turn:

  • Make sure you are in the Funding tab
  • Click the Advanced Search link

Advanced Searching

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Your Turn:

  • Enter this search:
    • "climate change" OR "global warming"


  • Click Search  


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You should get around 400 results.

However, many of these are not relevant since they may be expired or only available to researchers in other countries.

Your Turn:

  • Click the back arrow on your browser
  • Under Deadlines, select 90 days
    • Also check Continuous or undefined deadlines and Optional Deadlines
  • Under Citizenship or Residency, select United States
  • Click Search at the very bottom of the page


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There are many different types of grants listed here. You can use the left menu to narrow these down.

Your Turn:

  • Under Top Funding Types, click Research


These results are sorted by relevancy. Instead sort them by the amount of the award.

  • Click Sort
  • Select Amount highest>lowest

What is the top amount in US dollars?

Saving a Search

Pivot allows you to save a search query for easier access in the future.

Your Turn:

  • Click Save Search


  • Give this search a name
  • Click Save

All your saved searches will be available from your home page.

View Grant

Pivot provides you with deadline information, restrictions, contact information and more for each funding opportunity.

Your Turn:

  • Select this first title on your results, the one with the highest award. 

Look around at the record and answer this question:

What type of institutions can apply for this funding?


In Pivot you can keep track of funding opportunities you are interested in. 

The Active function is for your most important grants. Track is for less important opportunities.

Your Turn:

  • Click Set to Active


This grant is now in your Active list and the link should be red.


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Pivot allows you to see a list of others at the UA who may interested in the same funding opportunities.

Your Turn:

  • Click the from your institution link




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You can scroll through the list of potential collaborators or narrow the list by using the left-side menu.

Your Turn:

  • Look at the Filter by menu option

Which subject areas have the most potential collaborators?


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Pivot also allows you to view potential collaborators from other institutions.

Your Turn:

  • Scroll back up to the top
  • Click the Outside Institutions link in the menu

Outside of the United States, which country has the most potential collaborators? (Scroll down to the Country menu)

All Done!

You have completed this tutorial on using Pivot.

The UA has many other databases and information on seeking funding opportunities.

Please let us know how we are doing by going to the next slide to leave us feedback.