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In this tutorial you will learn how to use different features of ReferenceUSA


A word of caution: ReferenceUSA offers personal information that could be considered an infringement into privacy, so please use the information in a professional manner.


Keyword Searches

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For this first search you are interested in the niche grocery store businesses located near the University of Arizona.  

The homepage has several databases available to you.

Your Turn!

  • Scroll down
  • Locate the database U.S. Businesses
  • Click Search



Keyword Searches

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Once inside the U.S. Businesses Database, follow this path:

  • Click the Advanced Search tab.
  • Locate Business Type in the left panel
  • Check the box for Keyword/SIC/NAICS

Keyword Searches

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Once the box for Keyword/SIC/NAICS is checked a dialog box will appear. Scroll down to the dialog box for Keyword/SIC/NAICS.

  • Enter grocery in the search box
  • Click the gray SEARCH button

Keyword Searches

4 of 6Once you hit search, a list of results will be generated. Locate the following:
  • Select 541105 - GROCERS-RETAIL
  • Scroll down

Once you select 541105 - GROCERS-RETAIL, it will show up in the box labeled SELECTED below the search results.


Keyword Searches

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Because we are interested in niche grocery store businesses near the University of Arizona we need to narrow our geography area.  

A simple way to accomplish this is by selecting zip codes near the University of Arizona

  • Locate Geography in the left panel

Keyword Searches

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  • Scroll down
  • Select ZIP Codes
  • Scroll down to the ZIP Codes dialog box.
  • Enter these zip codes:

      85719, 85705, 85701, 85721, 85713, 85716

  • Scroll up to the top of the page
  • Click the View Results button button (you may need to scroll up).

Reviewing the Data

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Use the search results generated to answer the following question:

How many grocery stores are located near the University of Arizona?



Reviewing the Data

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Looks like there are fewer than 100 grocery stores in these zip codes. Let's take a look at one.

Locate the store Aqua Vita and click on it.


Reviewing the Data

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Your Turn!

  • Under Quick Links on the left side of the page take note of the different reports available.
  • Locate Industry Profile.

This report is particularly helpful because it identifies other SIC/NAICS Codes that may relate to your subject matter.


Reviewing the Data

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Which other SIC and NAICS codes could you use?


Using Consumers/Lifestyles Database

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This section introduces the ReferenceUSA database, U.S. Consumers/Lifestyles. 

Because of its level of detail this tool is typically used to assist market research. This level of detail is especially useful when you need to learn more about a specific geographic area or region.

However, a word of caution, because of the level of personal detail, if used carelessly you could be in violation of federal, state, and local laws.

Using Consumers/Lifestyles Database

2 of 11Lets get started by returning to the main page of ReferenceUSA.
  • Scroll up to the top of the page
  • Click at the top left of the page to return to the home page.

Using Consumers/Lifestyles Database

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  • Scroll down
  • Locate the database U.S. Consumers/Lifestyles
  • Click Search



Using Consumers/Lifestyles Database

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We are interested in a particular city in the state of Delaware. 

  • Click the Advanced Search tab
  • Locate Geography in the left panel and select City/State
  • Search for Selbyville
  • Select Selbyville, DE from the list of results
  • Click View Results button


Using Consumers/Lifestyles Database

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Now that we a list of many of the citizens of Selbyville, we want to find out which folks have a home income between $100,000 and $150,000.

  • Click Revise Search


Using Consumers/Lifestyles Database

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  • Locate Housing Selections in the left panel
  • Leave Contacts per Household checked
  • Select Estimated Home Income
  • Select the ranges between $100,000 and $149,999


  • Click View Results

Using Consumers/Lifestyles Database

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How many residents does Selyville, DE have living in households valued between 0,000-149,999?

Using Consumers/Lifestyles Database

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Your Turn!

Now lets practice downloading reports. ReferenceUSA provides several report options.

  • Select all the names on this first page by selecting the box next to First Name
  • Select Download at the top of the page

Using Consumers/Lifestyles Database

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Your Turn!

  • Select Comma Delimited as the file format

  • Select Detailed as the level of detail

  • Click Download Records


Using Consumers/Lifestyles Database

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Your Turn!

Open and view the downloaded file. Scroll to the right and look at the different lifestyle categories.

In the document, scroll to the right and look through the Lifestyle categories. Locate the column associated with Purchase Behavior. Which of these is not one of the attributes listed in that column?


Using Consumers/Lifestyles Database

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Your Turn!

Open and view the downloaded file. Scroll to the right and look at the different lifestyle categories.

Using the data from the document, which one of these is a lifestyle category?



Congratulations! You have completed this tutorial.

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