Searching Access World News

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to find articles using Access World News.

Access World News is a database of full text articles from hundreds of local, regional, national, and international newspapers.

(NOTE: This is the only online, full-text access to Tucson's Arizona Daily Star.)

Your Turn:

  • Using the page to your right, select Access World News.

(You may be prompted to enter your UA NetID and password.)

Use the arrows below to navigate through the tutorial.

Search the Lead

The opening paragraph of a news article is known as a lead. The lead usually expresses the main idea of the article, and it's a good place to locate the most relevant articles.

Let's look for articles on immigration reform.

Your Turn

  • From the first drop-down, Select Lead/First Paragraph
  • Type immigration reform
  • Click Search

Note that you retrieved over 50,000 results. Probably too many to look through.

Did you get a different number?

Refine Your Search

We are interested in-depth articles which are usually over 500 words. Let's refine our search so we only get articles that are over 500 words.

Your Turn

  • Click Edit Search in the upper left corner
  • In the Date drop-down menu, select Word Count
  • Select greater than 500 words

Don't click Search yet!

We also want to focus our search on a more narrow topic. Let's look at the ramifications of Senate Bill 1070.

Your Turn:

  • Click add row icon
  • Type SB1070 into the new search box
  • Select Search

Explore Your Results

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That got you less than 200 results.

Note the menu under View Results. This search retrieved articles from all over the world including newspapers from the Middle East and Asia.

Your Turn

  • Locate this article: "DREAMers Taking a New Tack.
  • When you find it, select the article title.
  • Scan the article

Which newspaper published this article?

Explore Your Results

2 of 2Scroll down slowly and note the menus on the right side.

Using these menus, you can find related articles, email articles, and locate other articles of this type.

You can also export this article to a bibliographic management tool (such as EndNote, RefWorks, or Zotero)

What are bibliographic tools?

Search a State

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For the next example, we are going to look only for articles that have been published in Arizona.

Your Turn

  • Scroll back to the top
  • Select New Search
  • Using the map, click on North America
  • Then United States
  • Then Arizona

Scroll through the list of the different titles from Arizona.

Which types of sources can you find on this list?

Search a State

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Let's look for recent articles about bilingual education in Arizona.

  • Again, select Lead/First Paragraph.
  • Type bilingual education into the search box.
  • Select Date in the drop-down menu
  • In the search box next to date, choose past 12 months
  • Click Search

 Note that you should have retrieved less than 20 results. 

Search a Newspaper

As well as searching across all news sources or limiting a search by region or state, Access World News allows you to search specific news sources.

  • Select New Search
  • Note that Arizona is still selected
  • From the list of sources, mark Arizona Daily Star, The
  • Select the Lead/First Paragraph option
  • Search undocumented minors
  • Click Search


Identify Editorials

Locate this article: "We're witnessing byproducts of broken US policies".

This article is an editorial. Editorials can be identified by examining the author's writing style or tone, or by looking at the section it is from

  • Scroll to the bottom of this article. Note that this article is from the Opinion section of the newspaper, which is another way to identify editorials and opinion pieces.

Congratulations, you've finished this tutorial! Select the right arrow below to start the quiz.


The main idea of a newspaper article is typically found:


True or False: Adding additional keywords to a search can help you get more focused results.


How can you verify whether an article is an opinion piece?


True or False: Access World News is the only online, full text access to the Arizona Daily Star.


True or False: In-depth articles are usually at least 500 words long.



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