Searching News Content in LexisNexis Academic

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to find news articles using LexisNexis Academic

LexisNexis Academic includes full-text information from all types of news media as well as country profiles, law reviews, federal and state case law, biographies, company profiles and financials (public and private).

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Locate LexisNexis

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In the library page on the right, select LexisNexis Academic.

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You are now in LexisNexis Academic.

Construct an effective keyword search

1 of 7Review this research topic to identify Keywords

 Are "Meatless Mondays" good for the environment?

What are the 2-5 most important keywords for this topic?

Construct an effective keyword search

2 of 7Now combine your keywords into an effective search.

Based on your current keywords, which search will get the best results?

If you are not sure, click here.

Construct an effective keyword search

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What do the quotes around the keywords "Meatless Mondays" do in the correct search above?

If you are not sure, click here.

Construct an effective keyword search

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Note that the default search in LexisNexis is the "Academic Search." To change this, click the "Search by Content Type" button just above the red search box and select "All News".

In the All News Search box, type: “meatless Mondays” environment.

Click Search.

How many results did you find?

Construct an effective keyword search

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Locate this article: "The benefits of cutting back on meat" (approximately #22 on the page)

Click the link to the article.

What are the first few words of the article?

Construct an effective keyword search

6 of 7Scroll to the top of this article and take a look at the information that is needed for the article's citation.

In order to create a complete citation for this newspaper article, what piece of information is missing from the following list:

1.  Author name

2.  Title of news article

3.  Newspaper name

4.  Date




Evaluate your search results

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Skim the article and think about your topic.

Will this article "Why meat-free Mondays are good for you" be useful for your topic?

(Are "Meatless Mondays" good for the environment?)

Modify your search

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Click the Edit Search link at the top of the page.

Once you are back at the search screen, remove the word environment from your search.

Click Search.

How many results did you find?

Modify your search

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Why did you get more results after removing the word environment from the search?

Control how results are displayed

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Locate the Sort drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

What does LexisNexis default to when displaying search results?

Why is it good to know how LexisNexis displays search results?

Locate editorials

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Now you want to see if you can locate editorials that have been written about the Meatless Monday movement.

Editorials are a good way to explore different points of view on a topic. They can help you gain a different perspective.   

Click the Edit Search link at the top of the page one more time.

Locate editorials

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Once you are back at the search screen, type the word editorial next to “meatless Mondays.”

Click Search.

How many results did you find?

Locate editorials

3 of 4Click the  “Meatless Mondays” link (approximately #22 on the page).

In what newspaper was this editorial published?

Print, email, or save articles

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Locate the print, email, save and export icons at the top right of the screen: Save buttons

Click the email icon.

What are the terms listed at the top of the email screen?


Note that you can send the entire document as an attachment in Word, PDF, html or plain text format.

You can also export the citation directly to your RefWorks account by selecting the export (open book) icon.

Congratulations!  You have completed the LexisNexis Academic tutorial. 

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