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Nexis Uni is a full-text database with access to news from U.S. and international newspapers, television and radio broadcasts, newswires, and blogs.

This tutorial will lead you through a sample search to help you learn how to find news stories on a topic.

Conduct a Search

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To begin, you will need to set up your search parameters.

Select the Advanced Search option located under the search bar on the upper left of the page.

Advanced Search 

Conduct a Search

2 of 6Click the drop down arrow next to Select a specific content type and select News

Content Type


Conduct a Search

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You will notice a number of fields.

Under Terms, type "assistive technology" in the box for "This exact phrase."

Click the Add↑ button

Terms-phrase search

Conduct a Search

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Once you click the Add↑ button, this will appear at the top of the screen.

Phrase search

Conduct a Search

5 of 6You can limit your search to news content from a particular date or range of dates. Scroll down to locate the Date box.

Date box

To find more recent articles, use the drop down arrow to select Date is after.

Type 08/01/2016 into the box

Date format

Now click Search.

Conduct a Search

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How many search results did you get?


Let's try refining your search!

Refine Your Search

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In the upper-left corner of the screen, click on Advanced Search to get back to the search form.

Refine search

One way to focus your results is by searching for longer, more in-depth news stories. 

Scroll down to locate the Length box.

Leave it set to >(greater than) and type 500. This will find news stories greater than 500 words in length.

Click the Add↑ button

Length search

Now click Search.

Refine Your Search

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Notice that this narrowed your number of search results. Let's try refining your search even more.

In the upper-left corner of the screen, click on Advanced Search to get back to the search form.

Refine search

At the bottom of the search page, click on Clear to start a new search.

Clear search

Refine Your Search

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The opening paragraph of a news story article is the "lead." The lead usually expresses the main idea, and it's a good way to locate the most relevant articles.

At the top of the search page, click the drop down arrow next to Select a specific content type and select News.

Content type

Refine Your Search

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Now scroll to the middle of the search page to the Document Segments/Fields section.

Document Segment search

Notice that you can search in several different fields, including Title, Byline (who wrote the news item), Publication, and Section (for example, Opinion or Sports).

In the Headline and Lead Sections box, type "assistive technology." Using the quotation marks will search this as a phrase.

Search headline-lead

In the Publication box, type Washington Post. 

Publication search

Now click Search.

Searching for your keywords only in the headline/lead of the news stories and searching in a specific publication refines your search even more.

Access Articles

Click on the article titled "Weekend inventors build tech for disabled." The full-text of the article should be displayed, and your search terms will be highlighted. 

In addition to reading the article you can also print, email, download, or send it to Google Drive using these icons above the article.

Email or print

All Done!

You have completed this introductory tutorial to Nexis Uni. Explore the database and learn more about how it can help you in your research.

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