Using the Bibliography of Asian Studies


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In this tutorial, you will learn how to find articles using the Bibliography of Asian Studies.

This on-line version of the Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS) contains records on all subjects (especially in the humanities and the social sciences) pertaining to East, Southeast, and South Asia published worldwide from 1971 to the present.

1. Using the library homepage to your right, go to the Find Materials menu and click on Research Databases.

2. Look for Find Databases by TITLE and click B.

3. Click on Bibliography of Asian Studies.

You may be prompted to enter your UA NetID and password.

You are now in the Bibliography of Asian Studies.

Click the arrows at the bottom to navigate this guide.

Searching the BAS

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The BAS has a very simple interface that is easy to use.

Locate the Search box located on the purple ribbon.

You are looking for information about Buddhist art. 

The BAS uses truncation with the use of an asterisk * which tells the database to search for words with the same root. For example typing in Buddhis* will search for Buddhist, Buddhism* and Buddhists. 

Type in buddhis* AND art in the search box. Don't forget to use the word AND.

Then click Search.

How many results did you get?

Searching the BAS

1 of 2Over 2000 results is too many. You do not want to spend your time looking at 2000 articles that will most likely not work for your topic. 

In order to limit your results, you need to use more keywords and connect them with the word AND.

Your instructor has informed you that you must limit your research to Buddhist art in China. Additionally, you decide to focus on the Tang dynasty.

Now you have more keywords which will give you less but more precise results.

Clear your previous search.

Type buddhis* AND art AND chin* AND tang.

This should bring your results down to less than 40.

Refining the Search

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Let's look at the different results you got. Using the grey area to the left titled Refine search, answer these questions.

You may need to scroll the page down.

Which types of publications do your results include?

Which countries and/or regions are included in your search?

How many of your results were published in the 1990s?

You can refine your results to any of these options.

Click on Book chapter at the top of this list.

Accessing Articles

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Locate the article titled Wu Zetian and Buddhist art of the Tang dynasty.

Answer these questions.

What is the name of the journal in which this article was published?


In which journal issue number was this article published?

On which pages of the journal can you find the article?


Accessing Articles

You will need to have all of the citation information in order to get the full text of the article.

The BAS is not a full-text database which means you cannot access the article from the database, just information about the article.

Clicking on the Find it @ your library link will lead you through the process of how to order an article or book chapter via Document Delivery.

For additional help on locating articles when you have a citation, you can view this tutorial - Finding an Article when You Have a Citation.

Accessing this database after you have completed this tutorial

Under Search and Find, go to Articles and Databases and then select your database using the alphabetical list.


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