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  • Finding NAICS Codes more information

    This tutorial walks you through the process of locating NAICS codes for your industry by using keywords or browsing. It also explains what NAICS codes are and how they work. Keywords: company information, industry, industry research, NAICS, business

  • Mind Mapping Your Topic more information

    Use this mind mapping tool to generate ideas for both focusing your topic and coming up with keywords for searching. Keywords: how to narrow a topic, research topics, narrow your topic, keywords, writing program, English composition

  • Building APA Citations more information

    Learn how to build and practice building citations in APA format. Keywords: citations, APA

  • EndNote: configuring for UA - AHSL more information

  • Searching Web of Science more information

    Learn how to get the most out of Web of Science by going beyond keyword searches and locating citations, the most cited papers, and more.  

  • Creating a LinkedIN Profile (SBE195) more information

    The following guide will help you get started on your LinkedIn profile!

  • How do I Find an Ethnography? more information

    Learn to search for ethnographies in the UA Library catalog. Get searching tips specific to ethnographic research, like how to effectively use subject headings, narrowing search results with subheadings, keyword searching and research type specific recommendations for UA owned databases & encyclopedias. Includes practice activities. Keywords: database searching, Handbook of North American Indians, subject sub- headings, human relations area files, sociological abstracts, social science citation index, anthropological citations

  • What is an Ethnography? more information

    Guide explaining what an ethnography is, how to identify one, and materials easily mistaken for them. Includes a practice quiz. Keywords: database searching, Handbook of North American Indians

  • How to Search Effectively more information

    Learn to create effective searches using keyword selection, combining keywords into search strings, and how to revise searches to find what you’re looking for. Keywords: Boolean, searching, English composition, writing program

  • Locate meta-analyses, empirical studies & literature reviews in PsycINFO more information

    This tutorial will teach you how to use PsycINFO to locate meta-analyses, empirical studies, and research studies.   Keywords: PsycINFO Meta-analysis Empirical Study Research Study

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