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  • Assignment Scheduler more information

    Manage your time by entering your assignment information and scheduling the tasks you need to complete. Keywords: time management, organization

  • Mind Mapping Your Topic more information

    Use this mind mapping tool to generate ideas for both focusing your topic and coming up with keywords for searching. Keywords: how to narrow a topic, research topics, narrow your topic, keywords, writing program, English composition

  • Mind Mapping Your Topic - Demo more information

    Watch this demonstration of mind mapping to generate ideas for both focusing your topic and coming up with keywords for searching. Then visit the interactive tool to try it for yourself. Keywords: keywords, narrow your topic, research topics, how to narrow a topic, demonstration

  • Exploring Topics more information

    Interactive tutorial teaching students to find a good research topic for an English composition assignment. Students are guided through using the English composition subject guide, CQ Researcher and Pro/Con.org, to find appropriate research topics. Keywords: fundamental skill, research lab, pro con, CQ Researcher, research process, topics, research question

  • Understanding Assignments more information

    Get information on all steps of the writing process. Explains how to meet the requirements of an assignment . Keywords: fundamental skill, research paper, writing essays, assignments

  • Using Primary and Secondary Sources: A Practice Tutorial more information

    Get practice with differentiating between primary and secondary sources for historical research. Includes practice activities with instant feedback. Keywords: periodicals, identifying sources, newspaper, oral histories, memoirs, documents, raw material

  • How to Search Effectively more information

    Learn to create effective searches using keyword selection, combining keywords into search strings, and how to revise searches to find what you’re looking for. Keywords: Boolean, searching, English composition, writing program

  • Information Timeline more information

    Learn the process and timeline of information production, including details of the lifecycle of event coverage from initial news reporting to inclusion in academic resources. Provides contextual background to content and currency of informational materials; from daily periodicals and websites to books, journal articles, and reference resources. Keywords: research lab, writing program, English composition

  • Searching the Library Catalog more information

    This interactive tutorial provides students with step by step instructions on using the UA Library Catalog to locate a variety of materials. Keywords: English composition, writing program, books, Library

  • Finding History Sources in the Library Catalog more information

    Practice exercise on using subject headings to locate History sources in the library catalog Keywords: library catalog record, topography, primary sources, autobiographies, side by side, OPAC, maps, QuickHelp

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