Living the Future II 

About the Conference 

Much is being planned for the exciting Living the Future II Conference and Pre-Conference in sunny Tucson, Arizona, April 21-24, 1998.  Presenters from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and all types of libraries will speak to the major conference themes of organizational change and continuous learning.  Both keynote speakers, Meg Wheatley and Ernest B. Ingles, are well renowned for their expertise in designing and planning organizations or systems that will meet the challenges of the information age.  If you are concerned about the changes the library profession is experiencing as we approach the new millennium, then come join us! 

Program Information

Conference Paper Referees 

Areas of focus for Living the Future II include: 

The goals of Living the Future II are:

  • Learn, share experiences and ideas with others on how library professionalscan support higher education to be best be prepared to meet the challengesof the next millennium. 
  • Initiate a dialogue on continuous learning and organizational change inacademic libraries by inviting juried, invited and keynote speakers andby holding many small group discussions. 

  • Provide a format for local and national library staff to create and exchange ideas on how to provide future and specific services to library customers.
History of Living the Future II: 

In 1996 The University of Arizona Library held a conference entitled Living the Future: Process Improvement and Organizational Change at The University of Arizona Library. The conference was an attempt to accommodate the many inquiries The University of Arizona Library received after its initial reorganization in 1992. We wanted to share with colleagues our own successes and challenges as we transformed from an academic library of the 20th century into one that is preparing for the next millennium . 

The conference was well attended and appreciated: 

  • There were 138 participants from the United States, Canada and Australia.
  • With five being the highest score on a five point scale, the conference was given an overall rating of 4.3 by the attendees. 
  • 87% of the individuals completing a conference survey said they would return to another conference at The University of Arizona.
The University of Arizona Library has been asked by colleagues around the country to sponsor a continuation of Living the Future. One of the significant changes between the Library's first and second conference is the inclusion of speakers outside our institution. 


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