Living the Future II 

Maps, Directions, Parking 

Transportation from Tucson International Airport to the Sheraton Tucson Hotel and Suites, 5151 E. Grant Road: 

There are several taxi companies operating in the Tucson area.   
One way rate from airport to hotel is approximately $15-$16.  
Pick up a cab right outside of the airport after you pick up your luggage.  
Usually, you will not have to wait for a taxi; many are lined up waiting for potential fares.   

This is the local airport shuttle operator.  
After you pick up your luggage, go to the Stagecoach Office adjacent to the luggage pick up area.  
Identify yourself as a conference registrant for Living the Future. A special one way rate will be offered of $9.  
You may schedule your return trip to the airport for the same rate.  
Expect a 10-15 minute wait after you have talked to Stagecoach personnel.  
Also expect that several people will be riding in the van with you, many going to different destinations in the Tucson area. You won't get to the hotel as quickly as you would if you had taken a taxi, but the rate is cheaper.   

There are two different routes to choose from when driving from the airport to the conference hotel.   
Option One - Driving Past The University of Arizona:  
When you pick up your rental car, ask the rental agent to give you a city street map, just in case you get lost.   
Drive out of the airport (there's only one exit).  
You will be driving on TUCSON BOULEVARD.  
Stay on this street, in the right lane.  
After you cross BENSON HIGHWAY, look for green and white signs on the right side of the road that read "CITY CENTER." Unfortunately, these signs are not all that big.   
Turn right on KINO BOULEVARD. "CITY CENTER" signs will indicate this as your turn.  
Continue to follow KINO.  
KINO changes its name to CAMPBELL as you get to the center of the city, but you do not need to make any turns yet.  
You will cross some of the bigger streets in Tucson including BROADWAY and SPEEDWAY.  
You will pass The University of Arizona, on your left, after you cross 6TH STREET and before you get to SPEEDWAY.  
Keep going.  
The next major intersection, after SPEEDWAY, is GRANT ROAD.  
Turn right on GRANT ROAD.  
Keep driving on GRANT. You are now driving east.  
There are all kinds of shops and businesses on GRANT. Expect a good amount of traffic, with several stop lights along the way--- TUCSON BLVD, ALVERNON, COLUMBUS, then SWAN.  
After you cross SWAN, look for the Sheraton Tucson Hotel and Suites on the left or the north side.  
The address is 5151 East Grant.  
If you come to CRAYCROFT you have passed the hotel and can make a U-turn and come back.   

Option Two - Driving Past the Air Force Base (probably quicker route):  
When you pick up your rental car, ask the rental agent to give you a city street map, just in case you get lost.   
As you exit out of the airport there is a stop light. This is VALENCIA ROAD.  
Turn right on VALENCIA.  
Get over to the left lane.  
You will pass a couple of street lights.  
Turn left on ALVERNON WAY.  
This street changes its name to GOLF LINKS and begins a curve that takes you past the Davis Monthan Air Force Base.  
Turn left on SWAN and drive until you reach GRANT ROAD. GRANT and SWAN is a fairly busy intersection.  
Turn right on GRANT. Now you are heading east.  
Get over to the left lane pretty quickly.  
Look for the Sheraton Tucson Hotel and Suites.  
The address is 5151 East Grant Road.  
If you come to CRAYCROFT you have passed the hotel and can make a U-turn and go back. 

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