Living the Future II

Keynote Speakers

The University of Arizona Library announces that Meg Wheatley and Ernest B. Ingles will be key note speakers at the conference Living the Future II: Organizational Changes for Success to be held April 21-24, 1998 in Tucson, Arizona. This conference is a follow up to the University of Arizona Library’s 1996 conference, Living the Future: Organizational Change and Process Improvement.

Tickets for keynote speaker events may be purchased at the door.
$25 per keynote speaker or $45 for both speaker events.

Meg Wheatley
April 22, 1998, Wednesday
Meg Wheatley Photo 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Sheraton Tucson Hotel, 5151 E. Grant Road
Park Grove Ballroom

“Bringing Life to Organizational Change: Learning in a Living System”

From her book Leadership and the New Science: Learning About Organizations from an Orderly Universe, Ms. Wheatley writes: “Each of us lives and works in organizations designed from Newtonian images of our universe. Our assumptions come to us from seventeenth-century physics, from Newtonian mechanics... But the science has changed. If we are to continue to draw from the sciences to create and manage organizations, then we need to at least ground our work in the science of our times. We need to stop seeking after the universe of the seventeenth century and begin to explore what has become known to us in the twentieth century.”

Meg Wheatley is the author of Leadership and the New Science: Learning About Organizations from an Orderly Universe. This book is credited for changing how we think about the organizational structures. It suggests that we can understand organizations by studying discoveries in quantum physics, chaos theory, and biology. Industry Magazine, in 1992, called it "the best management book of the year." It has been translated into seven languages and has been made into a video. Ms. Wheatley’s newest book, written with Myron Kellner-Rogers, is titled A Simpler Way.

Ms. Wheatley is president of The Berkana Institute, a research foundation working on the design of new organizations. She has been a practicing consultant for 20 years and is a professor of Brigham Young University.

Ernie Ingles
April 23, 1998, Thursday
Ernie Ingles Photo 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Sheraton Tucson Hotel, 5151 E. Grant Road
Park Grove Ballroom

"From the Faraway Nearby"

Georgia O'Keeffe's 1937 canvas evoked the vast space and clear light of the southwest. Here is an horizon so distant that the eyes dare not to seek it, with images so bright that they blind the observer. In this painting O'Keeffe ties the past to the present and provides description of a world unlike that seen before. Building on the metaphor of landscape, Ingles roots the future of librarianship within the tenets of our collective experience, comments on our present contribution to respective communities and provides compelling reasons why our future is "nearby", constrained only by the limitations of a shared image and our willingness to imagine.

Ernie Ingles is currently the Associate Vice-President, Learning Systems, at the University of Alberta. In this capacity, Mr. Ingles is charged with providing leadership, and a framework for planning and coordination on information and instructional technology and related resources for the institution. Mr. Ingles started at The University of Alberta in 1990 as the Chief Librarian and Director of Libraries. He has achieved prominence for his strategic planning initiatives; the development of the province-wide Health Knowledge Network (HKN); the planning and building of a Canadian university’s first remote storage and document supply facility; and his award winning, cost-containment initiatives in partnerships with Information Systems Management.

Most recently, Mr. Ingles has overseen the creation of an interlibrary loan system that automates the ordering and delivery of documents using the World Wide Web. "The model," Ingles says, "is radical---to move the library from a document location system and self-serve document warehouse to an active on-demand document supply service."

Ingles has won numerous awards as a librarian. He is founder of Northern Exposure to Leadership Institute, now acclaimed world-wide as a landmark contribution to librarianship and professional development.

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