Living the Future II

Pre-Conference II

Tuesday, April 21, 1998
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Sheraton Tucson Hotel [formerly Hotel Park Tucson], 5151 E. Grant Road
North Grove

The Changing Face of Organizations: Looking in the 21st Century Mirror

Facilitated by Kathryn Deiss & DeEtta Jones  

This one-day workshop will challenge participants to analyze trend data and futurists' predictions about societal, organizational, and technological change. Participants will look at data which points to increasingly diverse client and workforce communities.  

The focus of this highly interactive workshop will be to engage participants in thinking about the need for individuals in libraries to, individually and collectively, accurately assess and analyze trend data and to devise creative responses to possible future scenarios.  

Libraries are facing the greatest global changes ever, technologically and in terms of the place they have within their client/user communities. Demographic trends point to the continuation of an increasingly diverse student population and workforce. A library's ability to understand and assess established concepts about how it operates in this diverse environment will influence its future success and level of productivity.  

Individuals and groups in libraries will be required to analyze and use data of all kinds in the re-creation of library services and functions. Areas in which trend data will need to be addressed include: the rapidly evolving technological environment which is increasingly at the heart of human communication; the changing shape of higher education including curricular and organizational change; the current trend toward flatter organizational structures in libraries; the dramatically increased need for cost-effective operating practices; and the need for affordable means of training and organizational learning.  

Participants in this one-day pre-conference will explore specific future trend data to create a vision of the 21st century library. Using pooled knowledge and data supplied by the facilitators, participants will critique current practices and generate creative responses to take advantage of the diversity of both client and workforce groups.  

In this workshop participants will:  

  • learn specific change management models
  • develop critical thinking skills in the use of trend data
  • apply creative thought to the information we have about the future
  • explore new ways of working on the issue of leading diverse organizations
  • learn how to devise a creative and responsive action plan
Who should attend: 
Anyone with an interest in the future of library organizations and with an interest in pushing the boundaries of what we believe to be "diversity." This includes members of management teams, diversity committee members, human resource managers, and people involved in strategic planning.  

Kathryn Deiss, Organization Development Consultant, Association of Research Libraries, Office of Management Services 
DeEtta Jones, Program Officer for Diversity, Association of Research Libraries, Office of Management Services  

Additional Information on Pre-Conference Workshop Trainers  

Kathryn Deiss is Senior Program Officer for Leadership Development and Training (LD&T) at the Association of Research Libraries, Office of Management Services (ARL/OMS). Kathryn's responsibilities include leading the LD&T Program and designing and facilitating learning events for libraries and other non-profit organizations in the United States and Canada. Her personal interests include how organizations and individuals confront and creatively work with change, how groups of people develop ways of working and thinking together, and how individuals in the increasingly rapid-pace work environment balance life/work commitments. Kathryn has seven years of experience in facilitating learning events and has been a full-time program officer at ARL/OMS for over two years as a learning event designer and facilitator. She also participates in the ARL/OMS Organizational Development and Consulting Program as a consultant to libraries. Kathryn's broad perspective and expertise on issues facing libraries and information professionals stem from her more than twenty years of experience in public, special, and academic libraries.  

DeEtta Jones joined the staff of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), as Program Officer for Diversity in 1996. In her position, she is responsible for developing on-going partnerships with libraries and allied professional organizations, conducting site-visits and training opportunities on diversity issues in libraries and institutions of higher education, and making resource materials available via the Internet, publications, and electronic discussion lists.  

Ms. Jones has experience as a program coordinator, facilitator, instructor, supervisor, city government leader, and as a Student Affairs professional, providing insight into many different aspects of a community. Her previous position was as the Director of the Human Rights Advocacy and Education Office in Colorado. She also has professional experience at Colorado State University where she was responsible for implementing needs assessments, creating training and development opportunities, and serving as a liaison between advocacy offices, administrators, city entities, and the University. As Coordinator for Multicultural Training and Leadership Development, she worked with the University Admissions Office to develop and facilitate recruitment and retention programs and experiences for under-represented students, faculty, and staff.

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