Living the Future II 

Selected Conference Proceedings

Becoming a Team Within a Hierarchical Structure: An Experiment 
Speakers: Mary T. Kalnin, Original Cataloger, University of Washington Libraries; Lili H. Angel, Complex Copy Cataloger, University of Washington Libraries. 
Abstract Paper 
Building a Culture of Assessment in Academic Libraries 
Panelists: Amos Lakos, Coordinator-Management Information Services, University of Waterloo; Betsy Wilson, Associate Director of Libraries Public Services, University of Washington Libraries; Catherine Larson, Team Leader, Fine Arts/Humanities Team, The University of Arizona Library.  
Amos Lakos: Paper | Powerpoint Presentation | Bibliography
Betsy Wilson: Paper | PowerPoint Presentation | Institutional Quotient
Catherine Larson: PowerPoint Presentation

Changing Organizational Partnerships to Build an Information Literacy Program in the Extended Campus Environment 
Speakers: Leslie Wykoff, Director of Vancouver Information Systems, Washington State University Vancouver; Karen Diller, Assistant Campus Librarian, Washington State University Vancouver. 
Abstract | Paper | PowerPoint Presentation 
Circulation 2000: How to Focus Departmental Resources to Meet the Challenges in an Ever-Changing Environment 
Speakers: Francis Maloy, Head, Circulation, Emory University; Catherine Shiel, Manager, Circulation & Reserve Unit, Emory University. 
Abstract | Paper 

Implemeting an Assessment  Plan for Information Literacy 
Speakers: Kristine R. Brancolini ( and Erla P. Heyns (, Indiana University  
Abstract | Paper 

Integrating Library Instruction Into Learning Communities: A L.E.A.P Toward Innovation 
Speakers: Deborah Cheney, Head, Documents/Maps Section, The Pennsylvania State University; Helen Sheehy, International Documents Librarian, Documents/Maps Section, The Pennsylvania State University. 
Abstract | PowerPoint Presentation 
The Library as an Academic Department/The Dickinson College Model: How Revolving Leadership, Collegial Management & Holistic Librarianship Can Revitalize Your Library 
Speaker: Steve McKinzie, Chair, Dept. of Library Resources, Dickinson College. 
Abstract Paper 

The Missing Links: The Impact of Employee-Group Stratification on Academic Library Diversity Initiatives & Organization Change   
 Speaker: Toni Olshen, Associate University Librarian, York University.  
Abstract | PowerPoint Presentation 

Overcoming Oraganizational Barriers and Preparing for the Future Through Consortial Partnerships. 
Speaker: Johann van Reenen, Director, University of New Mexico 
Abstract | Paper 

Testing for Usability in the Design of a New Information Gateway 
Speakers: Michelle Clairmont, Science & Engineering Librarian, The University of Arizona Library; Ruth Dickstein, Social Sciences Librarian, The University of Arizona Library; Vicki Mills, Undergraduate Services Librarian, The University of Arizona Library. 
Abstract Web Page 

Training for Transition: a Training Program for Staff Transitioning to Public Services  
Speaker: Francine M. DeFranco, Acting Director, Harleigh B. Trecker Library, University of Connecticut. 
Abstract | Paper | PowerPoint Presentation 
Tri-University Group of Libraries: Experiences and Lessons from a Comprehensive Collaborative Initiative 
Speaker: Michael Ridley, Chief Librarian, University of Guelph, McLaughlin Library. 
Abstract | Paper 

Poster Sessions 

Anxious Response to Change in Libraries: The Leaderís Role in Calming the System 
Katherine Kott, Innovative Interfaces, Inc. 

Explorers on the Trail/The North Suburban Library System 
Jan Hayes, Assistant Director, North Suburban Library System; Laura Mueller, Administrative Assistant, North Suburban Library System; Shelly Begel,  Administrative Assistant, North Suburban Library System; Maureen Sullivan, Principal Associate, Maureen Sullivan Associates. 

Recipe for Change 
Barbara Coopey, Interlibrary Loan Coordinator, Pennsylvania State University; Joyce Harwell  Interlibrary Loan Coordinator, Pennsylvania State University; Cordelia Swinton, Head, Access Services, Pennsylvania State University. 

UA Library Poster Sessions 
Improving Technical Service Processes 
Ann Fiegen, Technical Services Team; Carol Christensen,Technical Services Team. 

Improving the Shelving Process and Factors Affecting Shelf Availability  
Steve Llewellyn, Materials Access Team; Kerry Scott, Materials Access Team; Adam Engelsgjerd, Materials Access Team. 

Library Space Planning 
Micaela Morales, Library Information Systems Team; Steve Llewellyn, Materials Access Team; Norma Lopez, Financial & Administrative Support Team; SooYoung So, Financial & Administrative Support Team. 

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