Living the Future II

Conference Paper Referees & Acknowledgements

Conference Paper Referees

Claudia Bakula, Northern Arizona University
Liz Bishoff, OCLC
Ellen Broidy, University of California, Irvine
Jerry D. Campbell, University of Southern California
Ellen Chapman, University of Hawaii, Manoa
Mary Beth Clack, Harvard College Library
John Collins III, Gutman Library, Graduate School of Education, Harvard College
Bonnie Jean Cox, University of Kentucky
Patrick Dawson, University of California, Santa Barbara
Katherine Deiss, Association of Research Libraries
Don Frank, Georgia Institute of Technology
Adan Griego, University of California, Santa Barbara
Kitty Henderson, EBSCO Subscription Services
Susan Hoffman, University of Minnesota, Wilson Library
Sandra Hurd, EBSCO Information Services
Laurie Ingram, Kino Hospital, Tucson, Arizona
Susan Jurow, Consultant
Paul Kobulnicky, University of Connecticut
Amos Lakos, University of Waterloo
Alan MacDonald, University of Calgary
Ellen Meltzer, University of California, Berkeley
Mary Jane Petrowski, Colgate University
Helen Powell, Dalhousie Technical University of Nova Scotia Library
Sieglinde Rooney, University of Alberta
Brian Schottlaender, University of California, Los Angeles
Robert Seal, Texas Christian University
Janice Simmons-Welburn, University of Iowa Libraries
George Soete, Association of Research Libraries, Transforming Libraries
Patricia A. Steele, University of Indiana
Maureen Sullivan, Association of Research Libraries
Carol Tenopir, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Ellen Waite, Jepson Hall, University of Richmond, Virginia
Betsy Wilson, University of Washington, Allen Library
Ann Zald, Reference & Research Services


We thank the following organizations for their sponsorship:
Blackwell North America [BNA]
Innovative Interfaces Inc.

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