Conference Materials from Poster Sessions &
 Poster Sessions and Presentations  Presented by
Brown University Library  Raynna Bowlby
Boston College Law Library  Sharon Hamby O'Connor
University of Connecticut Library  Brinley Franklin
University of Nevada-Las Vegas Library (UNLV)  Victoria A. Nozero
 Poster Sessions - UA  Presented by
Budgeting Process, UA Library  Robyn Huff-Eibl and Karen Holloway
Communication and Accountability:  Team Reports  Shelley E. Phipps
Materials Access Restructuring Team  Ellen Knight, et al.
Needs Assessment and Data Management Team  Adam Engelsgjerd
Needs Assessment at the UA Science-Engineering Library  Lori Critz, et al.
Performance Effectiveness Management, UA Library  Shelley E. Phipps
The Road Toward Envisioning:  Co-creating a Shared Vision  Erika Castaño and Liz Bezanson
Scenario Planning for Facilities Management and Planning  Steven Llewellyn, et al.

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