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REGISTRATION FORMS WERE AVAILABLE through the generosity of our co-sponsor, the Association of Research Libraries, Office of Leadership & Management Services. [no longer available!]

UA Library and Campus members used separate forms from the FAST web site [no longer available!]
Discounted registration cost =

NOTE!  We have extended the early bird registration cost through the conference.  We have taken this step to keep the conference affordable and helping to offset the higher airfares being charged by some airlines.

$250.00, through the conference
One-day registration available = $170.00
Full-time student rate = $125.00, limited to the first ten students
Pre-conferences and Workshops =  $150.00, each

AIRLINE TICKETS:  Many airlines are in the process of raising their airfares.  The following links are not endorsements of any particular online ticketing service but rather a convenience to help conference participants find a competitive rate:

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