Presentations from the Living the Future 4 Conference

Colleague Presentations
Brown University Library - "Process Mapping: The User-Centered Approach to Organizational Design" (Raynna Bowlby, Dan O'Mahoney, Pat Putney, Steven Lavallee)
Emory - "Facilitating Change: Team Start Up at Emory" (Frances Maloy, Linda Nodine, Catherine Schiel, and Alice Hickcox)
Gelman Library - The Gelman Library System, George Washington University Library.
I: "Groups in Action: Walking the Talk at Gelman Library System" (Alicia Miller and Andrea W. Stewart).
II: "Team Management, A Long Winding Road" (G. David Anderson and La Nina Clayton)
Additional background information on Gelman Library's Learning Organization initiatives can be found at:
IUPUI - "Crossing the Cultural Divide: Teams and the IUPUI University Library" (David W. Lewis)
North Suburban Library System - "Explorers on the Trail: Post Breakthrough Change: Aligning Systems, Policies and Programs" (Presented by Jan Hayes and Maureen Sullivan)
Tri-College Consortium (Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges) - "A Consortium's Model for Staff Commitment" (John Anderies and Jean Lacovara). Additional learning materials: the Learning Development Survey, the Individual Learning & Development Plan, and the Planning Worksheet.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Lied Library - "Drawing Board Dreams, Staffing Realities" (Jennifer Church, Victoria Nozero, and Wendy Starkweather)
Presentation I: Reorganizing to Fit the 21st Century Library
Presentation II: Research and Information II
Presentation III: Information Commons
University of Virginia Library - "Assessment and Flexibility: Implementing the Balanced Scorecard, Reassigning Staff" (Gail Oltmanns and Jim Self)

University of Arizona Library Presentations
The Information Commons
A great deal of time and energy went into planning, then opening, the new Information Commons. These presentations addressed planning, training and staffing issues.
InfoCommons Training: Designing Training Modules: The Process (Ruth Dickstein)
InfoCommons Training: Staffing, Training and Testing for the Information Commons - What Really Happened: The Joys, The Pains, The Reality! (Lori Critz and Vicki Mills)
Technology in the Information Commons (Kris Maloney)
Teams' Strategic Frameworks
In this part of the program, the Library's nine standing functional teams reported on the performance measures they use for their work, and how work is structured
Digital Library Initiatives Group (Cathy Larson and Adam Engelsgjerd)
Financial and Administrative Support Team (Deborah Quintana)
Fine Arts / Humanities Team (Michael Brewer and Miguel Juarez)
Library Information Systems Team (Sharon Knowlton)
Materials Access Team (Claire Tapia and Travis Teetor)
Science-Engineering Team (Lori Critz)
Social Sciences Team (Mary Feeney and Olivia Olivares)
Special Collections (Presented by John Murphy)
Technical Services Team Report (Liz Bezanson and Mard Johnson)
Teams' Reorganizational Changes
Teams that have undergone significant reorganization address why they reorganized, how and the results.
Access Services: Restructuring for Efficiency (Jeanne F. Voyles, Norma J. Perez)
Customer Oriented Library Alignment (COLA) (Robert Mitchell and Paula Wolfe)
FASTCats Restructuring (Susan Kaplan)
Technical Services Restructuring (Bobbie Atchison and Liz Bezanson)
Project Teams and Ongoing Cross-Functional Work Groups
The Library has a number of ongoing cross-functional teams, strategic project teams, and other initiatives. These presentations represent work accomplished in the past year.
Information Literacy Team: Librarians As Partners: Helping Faculty and Departments Develop and Assess Information Literacy Skills (By the Information Literacy Team: Marianne Stowell Bracke, Louise Greenfield, Sheril Hook (team leader), Victoria Mills, and Patricia Morris; with Elena Berman)
Information Resources Council (Lori Critz and Laurie Eagleson)
Needs Assessment and Data Management Team (Cathy Larson and Adam Engelsgjerd)
New Compensation Strategies: Career Progression/Merit at the UA (Michael Ray)
Peer Information Counseling (PIC) Program -- Challenges and Opportunities (Elaina Norlin)
Performance Effectiveness Management System (Joe Brewer, Mary Feeney, Shelley Phipps, and Rae Swedenburg)
Reference Availability Project (Patricia Ballesteros (MAT), Jan Davis (Spec Coll); Spencer Hunter (MAT); Miguel Juarez (FAH); Patricia Promis, Co-TL (FAH); Polly Trump, Co-TL (FAH)
Scholarly Communication Project Team (Jeanne Pfander and Atifa Rawan)
Strategic Long Range Planning Team (Travis Teetor)
Technical Planning Project Team (Maliaca Oxnam and Joe Brewer)
Virtual Reference Project Team (Presented by Marianne Stowell Bracke, Olivia Olivares, and Verónica Reyes)
Wadda Ya Know ... About Teams? (Lunchtime presentation by Shelley Phipps, with assistance from Barbara Williams and Cathy Larson)

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