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Themes, Programs and Pre-conferences

THEMES : . Global Changes . Strategic Reallocation for the 21st Century Library . Developing the Entrepreneurial Organization . Assessment . Making a Difference for Users . Focusing on Individual Performance . Supporting Staff through Transformational Change . Strategic Directions for Higher Education . Strategic Partnering . Library Mission & Vision in the Digital Environment

FEATURED SPEAKERS : Judy Brown will open the conference on Thursday morning, April 14. On Saturday, April 17th she will facilitate an interactive session on the creation of thinking-based learning structures. Judy teaches leadership in the graduate School of Public Affairs of the University of Maryland and serves as the Director of Education, Outreach and Training for the University's National Center for Smart Growth.

Rick Luce is the Research Library Director at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Rick is widely known as a digital library pioneer and organizational innovator. Rick will open the conference on Friday morning.

Carla J. Stoffle has been Dean of Libraries and Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona since July 1, 1991 , and will be the luncheon speaker on Thursday. April 14, discussing the strategic importance of regional and national collaborative and consortial approaches to the challenges we face.


•  Introduction to Student Development Theory: Making the Library a Center for Learning & Growth - This workshop discusses Student Development Theory and how the library can assist students on their academic journeys.

•  Conducting User Surveys: A General Introduction - This workshop presents an overview of the issues involved in conducting user surveys.

•  Emotional Intelligence: Principles for Personal and Organizational Success - Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Competence Framework" is used to explore the personal and social skills needed to manage ourselves and our working relationships with others.

•  Transforming Libraries: Creating A New Workplace for the Digital World - Maureen Sullivan will lead this session in which participants will learn about several strategies and approaches for the transformation of library organizations.

Purpose & Format

Living the Future 5: Strategically Striving and Surviving - Strategic Thinking Will Be Critical to Future Organizational Success -Hear from colleagues around the country-what they are thinking, doing and planning. The conference is devoted to dialogue about our challenging journey to the future.

The Living the Future 5 format is purposefully designed to encourage meaningful conversations and collaborative learning. It is an experiment in dialogue that recognizes that all participants can contribute to the learning of the community. Featured theme speakers will frame the challenges and issues we all face in the future. In structured, well-facilitated dialogue sessions we will learn from each other, question our assumptions, share our varied experiences, and develop new ideas. Previous conference speakers and others will offer updates on organizational restructuring through panel and poster sessions, including a session devoted to reporting progress at The University of Arizona Library. Breaks are designed to provide participants with additional opportunities to network with colleagues, or simply to reflect.



In 1996, the University of Arizona Library held a conference entitled Living the Future: Process Improvement and Organizational Change at The University of Arizona Library. The conference was an attempt to accommodate the many inquiries the Library received after its initial reorganization in 1992. We wanted to share with colleagues our own successes and challenges as we transformed from an academic library of the 20th century into one that is preparing for the next millennium.

After the first conference, The University of Arizona Library was asked by colleagues around the country to sponsor a continuation of Living the Future. Living the Future 2: Organizational Changes for Success was held in April 1998. One of the significant changes between the Library's first and second conference was the inclusion of speakers outside our institution. The third conference took place in April 2000. With an emphasis on dialogue and community learning, the conference once again was a place where people working toward organizational change in libraries could come together and openly share their successes and challenges.

A highlight of the 2nd and 3rd conference was the number of institutions that sent groups of 3 or more to enhance the opportunity for learning. With Living the Future 4, we continued the now-established conference traditions of dialogue, community-learning, and collaboration. We welcome groups from the same institution and are providing a discount to those that send three or more: see the Registration page for more information.


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