Living the Future 7: Transforming Libraries Through Collaboration


Proceedings are currently being gathered from the various conference speakers. Please stay tuned as more proceedings will be added when they become available.


Building Community: The Sonoran Desert Knowledge Exchange, Kimberly Chapman, Holly Hartmann & Jim Martin

Data Curation and Metadata Management: Problem and Promise, Elaine Westbrooks

'Design Thinking' to Enhance Library Services: A Blended Librarian's Perspective, John Shank

Establishing a Digital Library Infrastructure in Afghanistan, Yan Han and Atifa Rawan

Following the TRAIL: Gift-Cultures and Collaborative Efforts for the Library Community, Maliaca Oxnam, Marie Waltz, & Joni Blake

Librarian-Faculty Collaboration: An Imperative for Higher Education, Dane Ward

Library Collaborations: Why and How, Davis Lewis

Mellon Library/Faculty Fellowship for Undergraduate Research, Elizabeth A. Dupuis



Advanced Math (Don't Worry, Not Too Complicated!) for Library Cooperation, Katalin Radics

A Digital Oral History and Transcription Project of the First Bilingual/Bicultural School in the US, Louise Greenfield & Bess de Farber

Free Document Delivery Service: Success with Collaboration and Connections, Linda Dols, Becky Gonzalez, Kathleen Lee & Jeanne Voyles

A New Model for Research Support: Integrating Skills, Scholarship, and Technology in a South African Library Consortium, Colin Darch

Town and Gown: Public and Academic Libraries Collaborate in Service, Alex Rivera & Gabrielle Sykes-Casavant