Credits and Acknowledgements

The Bisbee 1917 Deportation site was originally created by Sheila Bonnand and then updated by Leslie Broughton, a library science intern under the direction of Stuart Glogoff and Ruth Dickstein respectively. A loyal and dedicated group of students and staff are chiefly responsible for the work of digitizing, designing, keying in, and organizing this Web site. Those who worked on this site include:

Bobbie Atchison
Jeanie Darnall
Ruth Dickstein
Stuart Glogoff
Robert Mitchell
Roger Meyers
Gene Spesard
Leslie Broughton
Suman Dhakal
Alison Levine
Shelley Moore
Eric Ray
Monica Silva
Atilla Vekony
Chris Willard
Arizona Historical Society, Library Department
Prescott Historical Society Sharlot Hall Museum

The Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum
University of Arizona Library, Special Collections Library

University of Arizona Press

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