The following is a transcription of an I.W.W. anti-war poster citing the differing stands that the I.W.W. and the A.F.L. took during World War I. Also listed is the toll the war is taking and how many lives have been lost. It was originally used in the trial of the United States vs. William D. Haywood, et al. This exhibit was introduced into the trial of Michael Simmons vs. the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Company through the deposition of William A. Cahill.

UA Special Collections AZ 114 box 1, folder 1, exhibit 2

Warning: The deadly Parallel

A Declaration.
By the Industrial Workers of the World.

We, the Industrial Workers of the World, in convention assembled, hereby reaffirm our adherence to the principles of Industrial Unionism, and rededicate ourselves to the unflinching prosecution of the struggle for the abolition of wage slavery, and the realization of our ideals in Industrial Democracy.

With the European war for conquest and exploitation raging and destroying the lives, class consciousness, and unity of the workers, and the ever growing agitation for military preparedness clouding the main issues, and delaying the realization of our ultimate aim with patriotic, and therefore, capitalistic aspirations, we openly declare ourselves determined opponents of all nationalistic sectionalism or patriotism, and the militarism preached and supported by our one enemy, the Capitalist Class. We condemn all wars, and, for the prevention of such, we proclaim the anti-militarist propaganda in time of peace, thus promoting class solidarity among the workers of the entire world, and, in time of war, the general strike in all industries.

We extend assurances of both moral and material support to all workers who suffer at the hands of the Capitalist Class for their adhesion to the principles, and call on all workers to unite themselves with us, that the reign of the exploiters may cease and this earth be made fair through the establishment of the Industrial Democracy.

Pledge Given
To Nation by American Federation of Labor.

We, the officers of the national and international trades unions and of America in national conference assembled, in the capital of our nation, hereby pledge ourselves in peace or in war, in stress or in storm, to stand unreservedly by the standards of liberty and the safety and preservation of the institutions and ideals of our republic.

In this solemn hour of our nation's life, it is our earnest hope that our republic may be safeguarded in its unswerving desire for peace; that our people may be spared the horrors and the burdens or war; that they may have the opportunity to cultivate and develop the arts of peace, human brotherhood and a higher civilization.

But, despite all our endeavors and hopes, should our country be drawn into the maelstrom of the European conflict, we, with these ideals of liberty and justice herein declared, as the indispensable basis for national policies, offer our services to our country in every field of activity to defend, safeguard and preserve the republic of the United States of America against its enemies, whomsoever they may be, and we call upon our fellow worker and fellow citizens in the holy name of labor, justice, freedom and humanity to devotedly and patriotically give like service.

War's Toll

Casualties in entente armies 5,719,400, in Teutonic forces 3,384,800, since war began, figures at Washington show.

Washington, D. C., March 11.—There have been 5,719,400 casualties in the entente armies and 3,384,800 in the Teutonic forces since the war began, according to authoritative figures obtained here today. The classified figures by countries follow:

Killed. Wounded
England 205,400 102,500 107,500 415,400
France 870,000 540,800 400,000 1,810,800
Russia 1,500,000 784,200 800,000 3,084,200
Italy 105,000 49,000 55,000 209,000
Belgium 50,000 22,000 40,000 112,000
Serbia 60,000 28,000 --- 88,000
Totals 2,790,400 1,526,500 1,402,500 5,719,400
Germany 893,200 450,000 245,000 1,588,200
Austria-Hungary 523,100 355,000 591,000 1,469,100
Turkey 127,000 110,000 70,000 307,000
Bulgaria 7,500 7,000 6,000 20,500
Totals 1,550,800 922,000 912,000 3,384,800

Ten million human lives stand as a monument to the national patriotic stupidity of the working class of Europe! Who will be to blame if the workers of America are betrayed and led into the bloodiest slaughter of history? Who?