Letter and reply from William Haywood and Jack Sheen concerning the use of the term sabotage in I.W.W. literature. The letters were originally used in the trial of the United States vs. William D. Haywood, et al. This exhibit was introduced into the trial of Michael Simmons vs. the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Company through the deposition of John W. Hughes.

UA Special Collections AZ 114 box 1, folder 1, exhibit 39

Aug 30 1917

Jack W Sheen

Pittsburgh Pa

Fellow Worker,

            Yours of the 28th is received. Enclosed find receipt $15.00. I am sending you today a number of report blanks. You should make a report to this office every week.

            I am sending the literature you ordered except that we have no song books in stock at present. Same will be shipped to you as soon as received from printer. We have no political socialism.

            I do not understand how you are going to ignore the tern sabotage in your educational campaign if you use the I. W. W. literature. Every leaflet, every pamphlet and the song book are full of references to that great weapon. There is not an issue of the paper that does not bear many references to sabotage. As Scarlett would say “It’s like sidewalks-all over” You can’t get away from it.

            I will send subs for solidarity to the members whose names you send. In future please send in the applications with your reports. You should put the name of the paper wanted in the lower right hand corner of the application.

            Hope that the meeting will be a great success.

            Best wishes

            Yours for Industrial Freedom

Room 211 McGeah Bldg.

607 Webster Ave.

Aug. 28, 1917.

Wm. Haywood,

Gen. Sec’t’y.,

Fellow Worker;

            I take a few minutes of my valuable ? time to report that we are arranging a large meeting for Sept. 16, to raise funds; of which, fifty percent shall go to the Bisbee strikers, and the remaining fifty percent be used for organization purposes in Pittsburgh.

            The following is a list of literature which we deem advisable to circulate in this district:

            Amount, 50 of each     

            The Revolutionary I. W. W.

            The Advancing Proletariat

            Political Socialism Capturing the Powers of Government

The Onward Sweep of the Machine Process

            The General Strike

            The High Cost of Living

            The One Big Union

            The I. W. W. Song Book

            We shall absolutely ignore the term sabotage in all our educational activities in this district, and do not wish to distribute any literature treating on this subject.

            We shall deem it a great favor if you will secure for us, a notice in Solidarity, of our proposed meeting in the auditorium of the McGeagh Bldg.

            Enclosed please find a list of new members, and the paper which they desire.

            On account of the fact that we only in the process of organizing, I have little to report, but I feel that we can truthfully say that the outlook is very bright. There is much material in this district ripe for organization. All that is necessary is patience and carefulness.

            A little notoriety, such as interference by the authorities, would only tend to create a greater interest in our movement.

            Any complications that may arise shall be reported to your office immediately.

            Jack Shean,

            Financial Sec’t’y.,

            Pittsburgh Recruiting Union.