Letter from William Taeyh to William Haywood concerning matters of money, legal troubles, and run-ins with the police. It was originally used in the trial of the United States vs. William D. Haywood, et al. This exhibit was introduced into the trial of Michael Simmons vs. the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Company through the deposition of John W. Hughes. The letter is attached to an I.W.W. membership book in the exhibit.

UA Special Collections AZ 114 Box 1, folder 1, exhibit 44.

Stockton, Cal August 1, 17.

Box 845.

Wm. D. Haywood,

Chicago, Ill.

Fellow Worker.

            Enclosed find complete reports of the last thirteen weeks and draft for $297.97 which is the balance due to Headquarters.

            I hope it will meet your approval or anything wrong in there let me know as I don’t deny that it is faultless.

            I just received report of the lynching of our Fellow worker Frank Little which upset me very much especially as was well acquainted with him.

            Of course we as members of a fighting organization must expect them kind of things and the next one might be one of us that will be assassinated by the hirelings of the master class.

            The cash balance on hand at the present was $356.99 and the amount of the enclosed draft taken off leaves a balance of $59.02 cts which is left out of the $80. that was brought forward on April the 29th of course Everett and Card case money is included in that amount and out of the $59.05 I have to pay Everett card case Bill for $25.00 and Ford & Suhr Tickett Money which was donated by the members which I have to send in to Dawning Oakland. I received 100 Due stamps which I included in my present report also 50 Press stamps. In regards to the lawyers fee which was spent in the Defense of H. La Tour want to state that Construction workers paid one half $12.50 and R.U. 12.50 / H. La Tour done good work in Modesto and I did not know where the Money should be deducted from so I took it from the Funds and enclosed you will find receipt attached from the Lawyer.

            If you don’t approve of it let me know and I will personally make up the $12.50. La Tour resigned and Dan Larvery is delegate a good man for the job the Jury disagreed and they turned La Tour loose.

            After the trial was over I and another F. W. Harry Gray got arrested and remained 1/2 hour in jail and the County Prosecuting attorney asked me about the many fires that are around here and of course I did not know anything about it and in regards to the German Money we supposed to have received and other things and after a severe cross examination which lasted 45 minutes expressed his regret that this happened and advised me that I should restrain the members from doing them things. The Sheriff was very hostile himself and threatened to kill any I.W.W. that would beat up any one of his deputies it took 14 men with 14 guns to arrest me so you can see for yourself what a cowardly bunch they are. He said that the I.W.W. is composed out of ex convicts Safe crackers a.s.f. You will see that the time we had the Stationary delegate down in Pittsburgh we meet all kinds of expenses.

            Casey Joseph the Delegate done very good work in the few weeks he was down there in fact so good that the Authorities acting under the commands of the masters there gave him a notice to go out of town and at that time we had all our forces concentrated at Turlock where the Water and Mushmellon picking commenced so Casey Joseph left and after the harvest is over we will go to Pittsburgh and start organizing so let me know how much the general Office would allow a delegate as there are between 5 and 6000 men working and the possibilities are great. At the present I got a member down there with credentials who is a ship carpenter and he ain’t got the time to run after the men.

            Send me some more application blanks and Transfer blanks also Due Stamps. From now on you will receive weekly report regular.

            Also let me have about 200 Songbooks. Enclosed you will find card of Phil Schmidt he joined the army also duplicate card of Berton St Clair original found Send me also 250 pamphlets Industrial Unionism the workers road to Freedom by Ettor. There is a motion on the books that from now on we pay a speaker $3.00 a night which is to much and in the next meeting will change it again.

            With best wishes I remain yours for Industrial Freedom


            Wm Taeyh.

            Secretary R.U. &573.

As you can see that I remitted $25.00 to you May 7th for Everett St.

I also send in $8.73 to Grover Perry for the Striking Miners.