Letter from P. McEvoy to William Haywood concerning the success of a street meeting. It was originally used in the trial of the United States vs. William D. Haywood, et al. This exhibit was part of the deposition of John W. Hughes for the Michael Simmons vs. the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Company.

UA Special Collections AZ 114 Box 1, folder 1, exhibit 46).


Fellow Worker,

            Enclosed find report of San Jose Recruiting Union.

Also $5.00 to apply on literature.

I sent for some buttons some time ago but so far have not received any.

Please send me 10 buttons.

Enclosed you will find a clipping from the news, which proved to be a great boost for the I.W.W. On St T night we held a meeting after I had been speaking for a few minutes about 15 bulls, dicks, and stools, with the chief and the city manager. The largest crowd that ever attended our street meetings was present I spoke about one hour and a half. The crowd listened very attentively The Deadly Parallel was read and the crowd took it fine. Then came Industrial Unionism and The Necessity of the Workers Education along industrial lines our bundle order was late getting here and $5.00 worth of pamphlets was sold the way the workers grappled for the literature shows that the worker in this vicinity are beginning to realize the necessity of industrial organization thus showing the master class that every move they make is towards building up the I.W.W. Mrs. Cora P. Wilson will speak on sabotage Monday night the 4th providing we are not put in safe keeping until after the gods of war get the slaves lined up Tuesday.

We have sure slipped one over on them to date I don’t think they will want to advertise our meetings anymore. Hope you will excuse the spaces in some of the words as the typewriter is on the bum:

            Yours for Industrial Freedom


            P. McEnoy Sec.


P.S. Find enclosed $1.00 to apply on solidarity B.O.