Letter from Grover Perry to William Haywood concerning the opposition to the Arizona unions. It was originally used in the trial of the United States vs. William D. Haywood, et al. This exhibit was part of the deposition of John W. Hughes for the Michael Simmons vs. the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Company.

UA Special Collections AZ 114 Box 1, folder 1, exhibit 48

April 20, 1917.

Mr. William D. Haywood,
307-164 West Washington,
Chicago, Ill.

Fellow Worker:

            Yours of the 17th at hand and contents of same have been carefully noted.

            Note that you do not think it advisable for me to send MacKinnon to Goldfield. What do you think of sending him to Utah under the same conditions that I wired you? That is, $5.00 a day and railroad transportation. If this meets with your approval wire me a reply as MacKinnon wishes to blow out of the country if something is not decided upon soon.

            I am writing to Azuara this date, taking up with him the matter of moving El Rebelda to Phoenix. Will let you know how we come out.

            I wrote to Joe Hutchinson but have never received a reply to my letter. If you are in correspondence with him I wish you would write and refer him to this office.

            We may look for squalls here very soon I am thinking as J. L. Donnelly has been appointed by Governor Campbell as chairman of the sub-committee of labor of the National Defense council. I have no doubt but what Donnelly will use this position to get in a few digs at us. In Globe they have passed a city ordinance requiring ever househlder or renter to display the American Flag. Up to date our boys have not complied with the ordinance and it is raising some little commotion.

            With best wishes, I am,


            Yours for Industrial Freedom,

            Grover H Perry.
            Sec’y – Treas. 800.