Letter from E. J. MacCasham to Grover Perry concerning an upcoming convention and issues of workers' rights and demands. It was part of the deposition of John W. Hughes for the Michael Simmons vs. the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Company, and in the trial of the State of Arizona vs. Harry Walters through the deposition of Cecilia Reinhardt.

UA Special Collections AZ 114
Box 1, folder 2, exhibit 71;
Box 2, folder 3, Salt Lake Exhibit 26.

June 9/17

Fellow Worker Perry.

            After writing you yesterday I received your letter inclosing monthly report and advise convention to be held in Bisbee instead of in Phoenix.

            In view of the fact that the added distance from here means added expense and to make the trip on way would cost at least $20 some dollars. I shall not much as I desire to be at convention.

            I had ordered a suitcase and an overcoat sent from Tucson to Phoenix in your care by express collect so when you receive same please hold for me as I shall in all probability be in Phoenix this summer.

            Everything is working smooth. The — including books has not changed but we are expecting in a couple of days same to be replaced by a superior article if not another walkout will occur in all probability. I am talking up the six hour law. Industrial,

            Now, Perry, there are a great many matters which I should like to take up but as you know work makes on tired & groggy. However in the limited space shall attempt to cover same points: you reading between the lines can fill out the rough skeleton.

            This the opportune time of all ages is present. We the workers want the six hour proposition no physical examination no discrimination compensation for injury beginning at time of injury compensation to be full pay time of returning to work to be determined by 3 physicians not employees of company.

            Free hospitals & medical service both of which are to be up to certain set standards. Now how are the above to be gotten.

A. If one district pays $5.25 for 8 hrs

B. another district pays $4.00 for 8 hrs

            Is it sane policy to attempt an increase of wages a shortening of hours in A. camp before at least bringing B camp up to standard of A. camp and then uniting all in a giant diamond.

            Now all this can be accomplished in a few short months if but we get our heads together.

            There is Butte. Why not strike in Butte. 50 men can pull the trick there it may require 30 days to do it.

            There is the Kingman district a very important one. The Miami scale can be gotten there.

            The increased price of copper makes for the prohibition of a brass band. A band makes a noise hellish at that. A noise awakens the sleeping drunken exploiter puts him on his guard in time to lock the gates of his fortress.

            Now friend Perry this I ask of you as I have an interest in the labor movement. Hence look to 800 to be up & doing. I do not care to see it go smosh.

Be on your guard against the would be anti-conscriptionists or anti-war. F. W.’s. It is possible that someone masquerading in in the guise of a rebel may attempt certain speech, or action in order to bring about certain results not to the welfare of the movement.

            Our energies must be directed in the bettering of our conditions not uselessly expended in quibbling & following the trail of the red herring.

            I have gotten but two members & a few dollars in dues from former members but will keep up work & gather in a few more within the next few days as I am but getting in trim.

            Do not forget a — — & workers.

            Industrially Yours


            E. J. MacCasham

P.S. You might call at P.O. and ask if there is any mail there for us. EJM

P.S. Am enclosing check for $25.00 for safe transit I have added on the signature of S. C. Jones pay to Grover H. Perry.

deposit some to Swansen Ariz

My credit at same bank & I’ll then check against same instead of sending P.O. orders

Send a few blank checks.