Letter from Jack Norman to Grover Perry concerning the status of the deported miners and the success of the strike back in Bisbee. The letters were part of the deposition of John W. Hughes for the Michael Simmons vs. the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Company through the deposition of John W. Hughes, and used in the trial of the State of Arizona vs. Harry Walters through the deposition of Cecilia Reinhardt.

UA Special Collections AZ 114
Box 1, folder 2, exhibit 72;
Box 2, folder 3, Salt Lake Exhibit 24.

Refugee Camp
Columbus, New Mex

Grover H. Perry

Fellow Worker

            Received word from Bisbee recently everything is looking favorable for us. Have very few men at work, three scabs were killed in two days many have been injured. From the reports I received they have many boys under age working underground. One boy 12 years of age was at this camp today to visit his father, he said that the Queen had tried to get him to go to work. Sheriff Wheeler who was the brain of our deportation is turning those loose who they have had in the can, he says that the Queen will have to stand by there own cases as they are going too far, looks as though he is showing his gallow. One scab hired out at the Shattuck as — went to work with white duck pants white collar and white shoes. At the mine he was taking fine, before starting to work boss asked him why he didn’t get busy, he asked him who was going to help him push the cars said it would take three men to do the work. He got his right now. We are all sticking together here, have all the old com shelter working had a mass meeting last night with all attending. Solidarity is shown throughout the camp. The — have given us charge of the camp buy have a few guards on duty to protect property and keep order. After we were told we could come and go at will we formed a picket line, everybody going and coming are registered any one not returning is classed as a deserter, but all return. This I think was to see if we would scatter but we fooled them. All expect to go back to Bisbee together under protection of troops. Sending telegrams to Pres. Wilson and Gov. Campbell this A.M. The longer we are here the stronger we get. Public sentiment is growing more every day. All camp holding out, all the country is watching the Wobblies camp at Columbus. Will close for the present hoping all the boys will stick together the way the Bisbee fellow workers have. Solidarity! Solidarity! Solidarity!

            Yours for industrial freedom


            Jack Norman on Press & Executer committee
            Refugee Camp
            Columbus New Mex.