Letter from Jack Norman to George Maddox concerning the miners deported from Bisbee and how the strike is going well because of the free food in Bisbee and Columbus. It was originally used in the trial of the United States vs. William D. Haywood, et al. This exhibit was part of the deposition of John W. Hughes for the Michael Simmons vs. the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Company, and used in the trial of the State of Arizona vs. Harry Walters through the deposition of Cecilia Reinhardt.

UA Special Collections AZ 114
Box 1, folder 2, exhibit 73;
Box 2, folder 3, Salt Lake Exhibit 23.

Civilian Camp
Columbus New Mex.

Geo Maddox

Fellow Workers

            How is the weather? What the hell is the matter, why don’t you drop a line. Have been looking for news as all the rest of the boys have. Thought you were going to start some thing when you got there. How about Bingham have you been there? If you have or not let us know that you are alive. We expected to hear from you long before now. You might be greatly busy but I should think you could find a little time to write and help us encourage some of the weaklings here. I have put up those bulletin boards where we post all news where it can be read by all. That is the only way we have in telling the boys the news for meetings are prohibited in camp and have been for a long time. Had a meeting last week in the town Theater but that is too expensive for us as the money can be used for stamps, tobacco and clothes. Have between 10 & 15 every day who need shoes, shirts, overalls and etc. All cheerful here as long as they get good news have a hell of a time with some of them. Jones is in Bisbee as I expect you have read in the papers. Hope action will be taken soon, but for my part I would rather stay here awhile yet if we were returned to Bisbee what the hell would we do without a relief fund. This is the finest thing that could of happened to us, if we had been in Bisbee until now I think the strike would have been broken. Pretty soft for us the company feeding the family in Bisbee and the government feeding us here, pretty soft. Will drop in a line. Tell Perry and O’Hair we are doing our utmost to hold the boys together.

            Yours for Industrial Freedom


Jack Norman
Civilian Camp
Columbus New Mex.