Letter to Chas MacKinnen concerning the success of the strike in Jerome and the demands that were met. It was originally used in the trial of the United States vs. William D. Haywood, et al. This exhibit was part of the deposition of John W. Hughes for the Michael Simmons vs. the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Company, and in the trial of The State of Arizona vs. Harry Walters through the deposition of Cecilia Reinhardt.

UA Special Collections AZ 114
Box 1, folder 2, exhibit 77;
Box 2, folder 3, Salt Lake Exhibit 19

June 5

Chas. H. Mac Kinnon,
77 S. State St.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Fellow Worker:

            I have your letter of the 2nd, and contents of same have been carefully noted.

            I hope that you will find conditions a little better in the camps that you have in Salt Lake.

            I regard to the Jerome situation will say that the strike is over. The men have been granted the Miami scale, and the Company promises that there will be no discrimination on account of union affiliation, regardless of what organization they may belong to. The check off system has been there, and I am sure that we will get a great many more on pay day. I am enclosing a copy of the resolutions which we passes while the strike was on, and which met with the approval of the miners all over the state.

            I was in Bisbee, and held three very successful meetings there, and that is one camp where we sure are a power.


            We are going to hold a conference in Bisbee on the 15th of this month. I wish you would look over the situation in Salt Lake, relative to securing a headquarters there for 800, and write me your opinion as to whether you deem it advisable for 800 to move to Salt Lake or not. I received a letter from Bergeson, the secretary of the Recruiting Union, and he said that most of the copper camps in Utah were under Martial law. I don’t want to plunge the headquarters of 800 into the midst of a conflict of that kind, so would like to have your opinion, to take the matter before the conference.

            With best wishes, I am

                        Yours For Industrial Freedom,

GPH/IMK                                            Sec’y-Tres.   800