IWW document attempting to discredit the Western Federation of Mines (WFM), originally used in the trial of the United States vs. William D. Haywood, et al. This exhibit was part of the deposition of John W. Hughes for the Michael Simmons vs. the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Company.

UA Special Collections AZ 114 Box 1, folder 2, exhibit 115.

Do You Want a Contract?

The Metal Mine Workers of the I. W. W. wants bigger wages and shorter hours for the miners whether war has been declared or not. It not only wants them but it is going to get them.

The I. W. W. claims that wages now are too low when compared with the high cost of living.

The I. W. W. says the hours of labor in the mills, mines and smelters must be reduced in spite of hell or high water.

The I. W. W. is denied the privilege of renting halls or holding public meetings in all Arizona mining camps.

The I. W. W. has organized the most of the mine, mill and smelter workers in the Arizona camps. More are joining every day.

The I. W. W. refuses to sell the birthright of the miners for a mess of pottage. It stands out flat footed for the world for the workers regardless of international complications.

The Arizona State Labor Journal says if the companies will sign up contracts with their "union" there will be "peace and contentment."

The W. F. M. want’s to tie up all miners for three years with a contract for wages at 75 ct. a day lower than they are now getting.

The W. F. M. has assured the powers that be that they will not oppose working longer hours than they are now working if copper is needed to make munitions to kill more workingmen.

The W. F. M, is received with open arms in all mining camps by the corporations but not by the miners.

The W. F. M. has lost membership and prestige among the miners in exactly the same ratio that it has gained prestige among the mining corportations.

The W. F. M. is trying to deliver the mine, mill and smelter workers over to the corporations hog tied. They cannot deliver the goods, however, as they have no organization and the miners are on to their game.

Mr. Miner;-

In view of the above facts, with whom are you going to cast your lot? If the corporations refuse to let the I. W. W. hire halls or hold meetings, does it not show that the I. W. W. is opposed to their interests?

If the companies welcome the W. F. M. into their camps does it not show that they are sure of getting "value received"? Is it not a fact that this "value received" for the corporation spells serfdom and slavery for you for at least three years to come? If I. W. W. is opposed to the interests of the corporations don't you think you ought to line up in its ranks.

Throw down the gauntlet. Join the I. W. W. Let the companies know that a capitalist made war is not going to serve as a hood for them to weld anew the shackles that have fettered us for years. Now is the time. Be men now or be slaves to do the bidding of the corporation and their lackeys, the W. F. M. for three long years. What is your answer?

Notice to Mining Corporations and W. F. M. Officials

The I. W. W. has organized most of the miners of Arizona in its ranks. Neither it or its members will recognize any contracts or be bound by same and we serve notice that we propose to strike for shorter hours, better conditions and higher wages when ever the opportunity presents itself for such action. We also serve notice that we are willing to debate with any official of the W. F. M., at any time or place, the merits and demerits of the contract system.