Bisbee Daily Review

June 27, 1917

Bisbee Branch I.W.W. Makes Demand On Local Mines; Walkout Called

No Attention Paid Demands of I.W.W. By Management of Operators.  Meeting Held At City Park Last Evening Unwnthusiastic.  Promises Made To Men For Their Support. Stand of Officers Warns Trouble-makers In District.

Seven demands were presents to the operators of the Warren District yesterday afternoon by a committee claiming to represent the Bisbee branch of the Metal Workers of the I.W.W. The companies took no cognizance to the demands nor of the committee.

            The demands, presented are:

                        First-The abolition of the physical examination.

                        Second-Two men to work on machines

                        Third-Two men to work together in all areas

                        Fourth-To discontinue all blasting during the shaft

                        Fifth-The abolition of all bonus and contract work

                        Sixth-To abolish the sliding scale.  All man under ground a minimum flat rate of $6.00 per shift.  Top men $5.50 per shift.

                        Seven-No discrimination to be shown against members of any organization.

            Last evening at the city park six members of the I.W.W. organization addressed an enthusiastic crowd on behalf of their demands to the companies.  The speakers urged that all of the men in the Warren District walk out this morning. They promised relief to men of families and asked that those interested appear at their hall and participate in the appointment and selection of pickets.

            On the whole, the meeting was unsatisfactory from a point of view of the I.W.W. A considerable number of those in attendance were I.W.W. members. Throughout the hour of speaking, however, little enthusiasm was evinced. Idle curiosity drew the larger proportion of the crowd to the park. A peculiar feature of the meeting was the fact that hardly one of the speakers was known to the crowd.