Bisbee Daily Review

June 27, 1917

Miami Union Defers Action; Situation In Globe Is Improving

(By Review Leased Wire)

GLOBE, June 26 - While the Miami Miner's union decided tonight that it will formally present a number of demands to the Inspiration Consolidated and Miami Copper companies next Thursday, the Globe union failed to set any definite date for final action.

            In view of the fact that the local council of defense and a large number of business men have come out openly on opposition to the proposed strike, and have been covering the district with hand-bills calling upon the men not to walk out, it is thought that trouble will be averted.

            The situation in Globe is brighter than in Miami. In this city the electricians, boiler-makers, and several other allied crafts have already gone on record as opposed to a strike and they are attempting to influence the miners.

            There is no wage question here. The demands, which were framed two weeks ago, provide for: Permission of organizers to go on the companies' properties; equal representation on the hospital board; grievance committees to be elected by the unions; a guarantee of no discrimination against union men, and the discharge of all men who oppose the union.