Bisbee Daily Review

June 27, 1917

Sheriff Announces He Will Use Force to Prevent Any Disorders During Trouble

Tombstone, Ariz., June 26, 1917

I have been informed this day that a strike is contemplated in Bisbee by the I.W.W.’s. I was asked as to what stand I would take. This is my answer:

I shall perform my full duty, which, according to law is as follows:

To protect all men in their constitutional rights as citizens of this state and of the United States of America, and all aliens in peaceful pursuit of their daily labor or vocations.

To protect private and public property and to enforce all laws appertaining thereto.

In general preserve the peace, law and order of the community.

It is difficult for me to believe, especially at this time, that any loyal American , or body of Americans, would contemplate anything which might in the slightest degree cripple the government of our country.  The closing down or hindrance of the great copper industry in this section, would prove a direct blow, and a heavy one, to the government of the United States.

I beg those interested to take notice that I will, in case of any disorder calculated to injure or harm the interests of this community, or the United States of America, call upon and deputize, if necessary, every able-bodied loyal American in Cochise county to assist me in preserving peace and order, and should necessity exist therefore, I shall not hesitate to demand aid and assistance from both the state and federal governments.

Sheriff Cochise County, Arizona