Bisbee Daily Review

June 27, 1917

Statements of Managers

The following statements by the general managers of the three big producing properties in the Warren District were issued last night:

"In order that our employees, and the public of this district may know where this company stands in relation to certain labor agitation in this camp, we desire to make the following statement:

"A committee claiming to represent the Metal mine Workers Industrial union No. 800, the metal mining branch of the I.W.W., waited on us today to present certain demands. We refused to receive the committee or to consider their demands.

"Regardless of any question of merit in the demands, this company will never negotiate with and organization founded on principles inimical to good government in times of peace, and treasonable on times of war.

"A committee from the I.W.W. organization can not represent the sentiment of our men who are loyal American citizens ready to stand by their country at this critical time, for it is a matter of common knowledge that this organization is doing everything in its power to paralyze the industries of our state and nation.

"The policy of this company of dealing direct with its own employees will be continued, and any demands by this organization will be refused, even though such refusal may result in shutting down its mines for an indefinite period.



                        "G. W. Dowell, Manager."

Warren, Arizona, June 26, 1917.

"To the loyal and patriotic employees of the Calumet and Arizona mining company and friends among the public: -

"The Calumet and Arizona Mining company was waited on this morning by a committee of the Metal Mining Workers Industrial Union, No. 800, a subsidiary union of the I.W.W., making certain impossible demands upon it.

"This organization is apparently engaged in a nation wide conspiracy to close down the copper mines of the United States which would cripple and greatly imperil the government of the United States in the great war upon which it has entered. The representatives of the company therefore declined to have any negotiations whatever with the committee, believing it bent on the above destructive policy towards the government, and now makes this statement in order that its loyal and patriotic employees and its friends among the public may understand its action.

"Bisbee is the highest paid camp in the world and the conduct of its mines is proverbially clean and high grade. The Calumet and Arizona Mining company intends to continue it present policy of operations unchanged.


                        "Jno. C. Greenway,

                        "General Manager."

"The Shattuck Arizona Copper company hereby notifies it employees and the public at large that demands made by the Metal Mine Workers Industrial Union No. 800 were not accepted or considered.

"The management of the Shattuck Arizona Copper company, believes that the Metal Mine Workers union and its representatives who are the floating population of this district, have not expressed the sentiment of the mine employees of the Warren district who have the welfare of this community at heart.

"We know that the conservative mine employees realize that working conditions in Bisbee are better than anywhere in the world and that this is the highest paid wage camp in the United States

"Continual progress in being made for the betterment of working conditions and the management of this company feels that the co-operation of its employees has been the greatest measure of the success of the company.

"We believe that the demands of this I.W.W. organization are unreasonable and are the plans of a nation-wide conspiracy by enemies of the United States government to restrict of cute off the copper output required to prosecute the war.

"The Shattuck Arizona Copper company hopes its employees will repudiate the action of the union by continuing at their usual occupations.


                                    "L. C. Shattuck,

                                    "General Manager."