Bisbee Daily Review

June 27, 1917

Walkout Part of State-wide Scheme

Strike Unpopular Among Men

             That the proposal of the I.W.W. to enforce a walkout in the Warren District is unpopular with the rank and file of the miners, was the tenor of all opinions heard on the streets of the city last evening. It was pointed but several union men that the I.W.W. had on affiliation with them and that the present effort was a part of a general stand of the organization to cause trouble in all parts of the country.

            It was predicated, according to several prominent local miners, on the hope that several other camps in the state would be similarly affected. In fact, it was stated at the meeting at the city park last evening that the Globe, Miami and Morenci would walkout this morning.

Praise Wheeler’s Stand

             Many miners early this morning praised the standee of Cochise county’s sheriff, who promised, in a statement issued late yesterday afternoon, and given to the public last evening, that he would protect all men in their constitutional rights. He stated, more over, that any attempt to destroy property or disturb the peace would be summarily dealt with by his force.

            This attitude, it was pointed out in several quarters, will assure those men who are not I.W.W.’s that no harm can befall them and infers that the attempted walkout is directed, largely, against the government of the United States through one of the principal industries.

No Trouble is Expected

            No trouble of any kind was experienced last evening on the streets of Bisbee or the Warren District and the officers gave it as their opinion that none would be attempted. The streets were as quiet as usual last evening. They appeared calm and gave no evidence of any untoward events, pending or otherwise.