Bisbee Daily Review

June 28, 1917

Citizens and Business Men Condemn Action of I.W.W. In Calling Strike As Treason

            The following resolutions concerning the strike were adopted at a meeting of the Citizen’s Protective League:

                        WHEREAS, a strike has been called by the I.W.W.’s to enforce untimely demands against the Mining Companies of the Warren District, and

                        WHEREAS, the action of that organization is the direct opposition to the counsel and advice given all union labor by our Secretary of Labor, Mr. W.B. Wilson, who has urged that no demands be made at this time which would embarrass our government by causing strikes which would interfere with the full and efficient operation of all our industries, and

                        WHEREAS, the rate of wages in this camp, and the working conditions, are the best to be found in the United States, leaving no excuse for dissatisfaction, trouble or strikes, and

                        WHEREAS, the entire trouble had been started by a small number of irresponsible men who have recently drifted into this camp for the avowed purpose of causing trouble and embarrassment to our government by tieing up a large unit of its much needed copper output, many of these men not being employed here, unless by an alien enemy, and these efforts are not only confined to the Warren District but are state wide and even more, affecting many industries engaged in the production of materials necessary for the prosecution of the war.

            NOW THERFORE, be it resolved: 1st that the Citizen’s Protective League, numbering in its membership more than one thousand of the leading business men and citizens of this district, hereby condemns the action of the I.W.W.’s in unmeasured terms as entirely uncalled for by reason of wages paid or working conditions, and as treason to our government.

            2nd. That we place our undivided support with the government and those men who want to work and hereby call upon all loyal American Citizens of the District, and all liberty loving and law abiding inhabitants thereof, to join us in an earnest effort to stop this strike and restore our community to its wanted peace and tranquility.

            3rd. We heartily endorse the stand taken by our patriotic sheriff, Harry C. Wheeler, and offer him our united support in maintaining his stand, as published in the local morning paper, to guarantee to all men their constitutional rights as citizens in the peaceful pursuit of their daily labor.